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    A large display is both an advantage and a weak point of all smartphones. Fortunately, Repairs Bay can change the cracked screen quickly and efficiently!

    Affordable Phone Screen Repair Cost 

    There are two main types of phone screen repairs:

    • full-screen replacement
    • touch screen replacement.

    Replacing the touch glass is cheaper, but should only be done by qualified repairers who can handle fragile components carefully and use specialized equipment. Contact Repairs Bay to repair your gadget at a minimal cost!

    Phone Screen Repair With Us

    Repairs Bay service center performs cell phone screen repair on gadgets of any brand and model. We provide our clients with:

    • Free diagnostics (even in case of refusal to repair)
    • Original spare parts
    • One-month warranty
    • Fast service

    We start repair work only after agreeing with the client on the final cost and terms of repair.

    Is it OK to have a cracked phone screen?

    A broken screen is not just an unpleasant aesthetic failure but the cause of many technical problems.

    – Pieces of a cracked screen may fall under the glass and scratch the display module.

    – Moisture can get inside the case through cracks in the screen. This can lead to additional malfunctions in any part of the smartphone.

    – If the screen is damaged, the wear rate of the display will increase.

    – A broken screen will no longer protect internal components that can fail quickly.

    In other words, if the screen is damaged, other internal parts of the smartphone are also at risk. 

    Can I fix my phone screen myself?

    In most cases, it is possible to repair a phone with screen damage. However, we do not advise you to do it yourself for several reasons.

    Such delicate work requires special equipment and skill to peel off the glass or remove the entire module without damaging other components. For example, if you want to fix an iPhone screen, you should take into account that in such gadgets all the details are very close to each other. In addition, modern phones have a high level of tightness and water resistance, but when you open the case, these qualities will be lost and you will not be able to restore them. That is, there is a high probability that during the repair the phone will be damaged even more. That’s why you should contact the service center and entrust cell phone screen repair to professionals.

    Is it worth fixing a cracked phone screen?

    When deciding this, you need to first find out what other damage your smartphone has. For example, if the motherboard or other components were damaged during the impact, a full recovery will be very expensive. Perhaps in this case you should buy a new device.

    If only the screen is broken, the repair is justified. The cost of restoration work is much lower than the cost of a new gadget. In addition, there are additional savings opportunities. Repairs Bayis engineers always strive to minimize the cost of damage. When possible, they can only replace the screen glass. This service is cheaper than replacing the entire display module.

    Contact our service center to get a free consultation and find out the cost of a full restoration of your gadget.

    Service Name Estimated Price (from) Warranty Time
    Screen Replacement $120.00 30 days 30 min
    Screen Repair $100.00 30 days up to 1 h