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    Are you undergoing pressure due to the rapid power draining of your handset, is its display cracked or has severely distorted views? Whatever fault you may be having on your smartphone, bring it to us and we’ll remedy it.

    Why our Apple phone repair service is the best choice for you

    • Convenience

    You can either visit our iPhone repair shop or just mail us your device and we’ll take care of the rest. We save your time and effort by avoiding the hassle of commuting and waiting in line at the brick-and-mortar store.

    • Expertise in complex cases

    We can repair even complex cases, including rare older models and the latest modern iPhone 15. Your device will be in safe hands.

    • High success rate

    We are proud of the high percentage of successful repairs in complex cases because we have the knowledge and experience to fix it.

    • Cost-effective solution

    We are a budget-friendly iPhone repair shop. Our repair services are priced competitively, making it smart to get your iPhone fixed rather than buying a new one.

    Experienced repair service for iPhones

    With Repair Bay’s team of skilled technicians, we are capable of diagnosing, repairing, and testing any issues that may arise with your phone. Their expertise and knowledge ensure a quality repair that you can rely on.


    Apple phones have often topped the list of outstanding smartphones, by providing sleek designs and first-class features. Nevertheless, just like other smartphones, it may develop problems after being used for some time.

    Thankfully, our crew of Apple specialists is thoroughly knowledgeable in the accurate correction of any fault on these handsets. Moreover, to ensure quick and adept restoration we’ve got top-class mending tools and a vast number of premium-quality quality parts.

    Avoid DIY Repairs to Prevent Irreversible Damage

    In case if you decide to repair an iPhone it may lead to irreversible damage. We believe in the importance of leaving iPhone repairs to professionals who have the necessary skills and experience. Avoid this risk. Trusting our technicians will save you time, money, and potential frustration.


    To begin, repairing an iPhone requires expertise and precision. Repairs Bay technicians are highly skilled and trained in handling the delicate internal components of an iPhone.

    They know how the iPhone is designed and take the necessary precautions to ensure a successful repair without causing further damage.

    Secondly, you can be sure of quickly resuming your daily device use since we’re offering a 30-day warranty.

    Lastly, all your needs will be maximally met through our top-notch and tailored client-focused service.

    WE DO
    Is it worth repairing an iPhone?

    Considering their great design and if the servicing cost is below half the buying price, if serviced it’ll still serve you for a long time.

    How to check if an iPhone has been opened?

    Go to settings and in the about option tap the parts and service history option and check the listed devices. If the part is not listed then it hasn’t been swapped, if it is stated as being a genuine Apple part then it was replaced by an authorized dealer or the Apple service center. If it’s indicated as unknown then its third party product.

    How to check the iPhone's condition?

    You’ll need to activate the diagnostic option. This you’ll do by powering off your device. Then press holding the volume increases and decrease buttons and insert the charging cable while still holding them. Then you’ll see the Apple logo and diagnostic option that will help you to know the condition of hardware and software.

    Models Repair Estimate (depends on the repair) Warranty
    iPhone X $50-120 30 days
    iPhone XS $50-120 30 days
    iPhone XR $50-120 30 days
    iPhone XS Max $50-120 30 days
    iPhone 11 $50-125 30 days
    iPhone 11 Pro $50-125 30 days
    iPhone 11 Pro Max $50-195 30 days
    iPhone 12 Mini $50-195 30 days
    iPhone 12 $50-330 30 days
    iPhone 12 Pro $50-330 30 days
    iPhone 12 Pro Max $50-330 30 days
    iPhone 13 $75-500 30 days
    iPhone 13 Pro $75-500 30 days
    iPhone 13 Pro Max $75-500 30 days