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Whatever deficiency might be plaguing your drone, just bring it to us and we’ll expertly fix it.



    Need Drone Repair in Brooklyn?

    This being a complex device, it often gets misdiagnosed and inadequately serviced. This we’ve placed in check by having a prolific crew of specialists who are highly trained in servicing various makes of drones. For this reason, your device will be serviced and fixed by its brand specialist for excellent results.

    Professional equipment

    We’ve got specialized market-leading servicing tools to unearth any faults (both hardware and software) your device might have and maximum rectify them. 

    Quality parts

    We’ve got an extensive reserve of top-rated parts of various brands to accord your adept restoration in a minimum time.

    Brands We Repair

    • DJI
    • Parrot
    • Yuneec
    • UDI
    • Striker Spy
    • Propel
    • Sky Viper

    Fast Turnaround Times, Free Diagnostics

    We get your drone back in the air quickly. We have many parts in stock and can offer expedited service.

    Not sure if it’s worth fixing? Get a free quote before committing to a repair. We won’t charge you for any repairs until the drone is done and tested.

    Reliable Drone Repair Service

    First, we can assure you that any drone breakdown will be adequately resolved by our qualified team of technicians.

    Secondly, we’ve made this incredible service easily accessible through our daily operation and need for no prior booking.

    Finally, we’ll accord you repair you’ll live to tell through our tailored and remarkable client-dominant service for all your needs.

    Our prices

    Our prices are fairly charged with consideration of the client’s needs as shown below.

    Frequent Drone Malfunctions
    • Motor malfunction
    • Gimbal failure
    • Camera malfunction
    • GPS malfunction
    • Dead battery
    • Water damage
    • Crash
    • Software malfunction
    Can drones be repaired?

    Of course, they can be perfectly mended by an adroit repair engineer.

    How do you fix drones?

    First, we’ll note the symptoms displayed by the equipment to help us pinpoint affected parts. Once this is ascertained, we’ll masterly correct them either by servicing or swapping them with premium quality parts.

    Can a drone be fixed after water damage?

    Of course, this can be performed excellently through the service of adept drone technicians.

    Service Name Estimated Price Warranty Time
    Drone repair from $150.00