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    Whatever deficiency might be plaguing your drone, just bring it to us and we’ll expertly fix it.


    Given the complexity of this device, it is frequently subject to misdiagnosis and subpar service. To address this, we have established a proficient team of specialists extensively trained in servicing drones from various manufacturers. Consequently, your device will be handled and repaired by a specialist trained for the brand and model at hand, ensuring outstanding results.


    We’ve got specialized market-leading servicing tools to unearth any faults (both hardware and software) your device might have and rectify them.


    • DJI
    • Parrot
    • Yuneec
    • UDI
    • Striker Spy
    • Propel
    • Sky Viper


    • We get your drone back in the air quickly. We have many parts in stock and can offer expedited service.
    • Not sure if it’s worth fixing? Get a free quote before committing to a repair. We won’t charge you for any repairs until the drone is done and tested.



    Repairs Bay is your reliable drone repair NYC service that can ensure the gadget you bring is functioning correctly and consistently.

    1. We specialize in drone repair. Our technicians have expertise in various drone models and components. They know how to deal with any breakdown.
    2. We communicate transparently. As a reliable repair service, we provide clear communication about the diagnosis, estimated costs, and the repair process.


    Any drone part may need replacements. However, some are more prone to wear and tear or damage and require it more often:

    • Propellers – one of the most commonly replaced drone parts. They can get damaged during crashes, rough landings, or general wear and tear.
    • Drone batteries have a limited lifespan and degrade over time. Rechargeable lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries, commonly used in drones, may lose their capacity and efficiency after a certain number of charge cycles.
    • Motors can wear out over time, especially if you used your drone for aggressive maneuvers or if it experienced crashes.
    • Gimbal and camera components. 
    • The landing gear is susceptible to damage during rough landings.
    • LED lights. While not critical for flight, they are essential for maintaining visibility and orientation, especially during low-light conditions.
    • Fasteners and screws.
    • In the event of a significant crash or impact, the drone’s body frame may become damaged. An integral part of a professional drone repair service is inspecting the frame for cracks or deformation, and replacing it if necessary.

    We have suitable parts for drones of various types and brands. It is important to have a solid lineup of drone parts because manufacturers do not always coordinate their engineering decisions.


    Our drone repair shop prices are charged with consideration of the client’s needs. The price normally starts at $150.

    Frequent Drone Malfunctions
    • Motor malfunction
    • Gimbal failure
    • Camera malfunction
    • GPS malfunction
    • Dead battery
    • Water damage
    • Crash
    • Software malfunction
    Can drones be repaired?

    Of course, they are brought back to life by professional repairers daily – malfunctions and most cases of physical damage can be repaired.

    How do you fix drones?

    The process depends on the specific issue we’re facing. Here’s a general description of how we fix common drone problems:

    1. We identify the problem – and determine what exactly is wrong with the drone. Common issues include motor breakdowns, connectivity troubles, calibration errors, or damaged propellers.
    2. We check for visible damage that can cause additional problems – inspect the drone’s propellers, frame, connections, etc.
    3. We replace damaged parts. Most drones are made to be more or less easily repairable. Drone repairs frequently include the replacement of some parts.
    4. We make sure that the gadget’s firmware is up to date and general functionality is fully restored.

    Can a drone be fixed after water damage?

    Of course, this can be done easily when expert drone technicians are working on it, even though water can cause significant damage to electronic components.

    Service Name Estimated Price Warranty Time
    Drone repair from $150.00