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    Is your controller crashing in the middle of the game? Repairs Bay is an all-inclusive video game controller repair shop with complete customer satisfaction. Our experts can repair the broken controller on the same day. Contact us today by filling out a small form below or visit our shop located in New York.

    Controller Repair Shop Near You

    A controller can be broken if it slips on the ground or in water or malfunctions due to overuse. No matter what the issue is, we are one of the best video game controller repair shops in the whole of New York. 

    From our wide range of repairs, we repair controllers of the following brands: 

    • PlayStation 
    • PlayStation Vita 
    • Xbox Series 
    • Xbox One series 
    • Xbox 360 
    • Nintendo 

    We provide free consultation before starting a repair. So, contact us today for a gaming console controller repair.

    Why Repairs Bay 

    With 10 years of experience, Repairs Bay is the most reliable name for repair. With consoles, we carry out a wide range of repair services for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and drones. Our experienced engineers and technicians are desirable features for any customer. All our employees are well trained to deal with your gadgets.

    For every replacement,  we hold a policy to use genuine parts only, as we work with only trusted suppliers. Repairs Bay believes in keeping customers a top priority. We do not let you wait any longer and repair the controller the same day. With this, you will get a 30-day warranty after any repair. Just visit our shop or contact us through a website. 

    Fast Services of Controller Repair 

    A console controller may halt working or stop charging at any time. Let us help you with a video game controller repair. Our technicians will conduct a diagnosis and point out the damage. We handle your console cautiously without causing any further damage. We perform the repair of any component of a controller. Some are:

    1. Bumper 
    2. Thumbstick 
    3. Buttons 
    4. Charging port 
    5. Software upgradation
    6. Motherboard 
    7. HDMI port 

    For simple issues, we take no more than a day. However, complicated ones may take a little more time. 

    Video Game Controller Repair Cost

    At Repairs Bay controller repair shop the cost varies. It depends on the damage and the model of the controller. We conduct complementary diagnoses to update you on the cost of controller repair. Be certain of the price and services given in it. We also offer free consultations and estimations to our valued customers.

    What types of game controllers do you repair?

    We repair all types of gaming controllers be it PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. 

    How long does it take to repair a game controller?

    It depends upon the damage that has occurred. For simple issues, we take some hours. But for complicated issues, we usually take a few more days. 

    Can you repair my game controller's wireless connection?

    If the controller is not working it may be a software or a hardware issue. We do repair a controller’s wireless connection. 

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