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     If you are facing a cracked OLED screen, unresponsive touch, and a blank screen contact iFix New York. Our experts are well trained in dealing with PS Vita Screen Repair with a 90-day warranty. Contact us anytime through the site or walk in our shop.

    Repair PS Vita Screen

    Sony released its handheld video games in 2005. PlayStation Vita is one of them and the successor of the PSP series. It has a shiny oval design with a multitouch OLED screen and six-axis motion sensing. OLED is quite fragile to deal with. It can be cracked if the device is dropped. Maybe the touch is working but black lines could appear with the improper display.

     You need immediate PS Vita Screen Repair for below problems:

    • Cracked screen
    • An updated software
    • Pixelated graphics
    • Input lag
    • Unresponsive touch

    The very first thing you should do is to always use a screen protector so it safeguards the device from any damage. If the damage has occurred, you may use the DIY kit but at your own risk. It may further exacerbate the damage. We suggest consulting any third-party repair shop like iFix.

    Why Choosing Infix New York

    IFix New York is a renowned shop for any repair in the whole industry. We are famous for our team, price, and add-on services. As far as our team is concerned, we do not hire any unprofessional employees. All our engineers and technicians are well-trained. They understand your needs and arrange any repair even on the same day. iFix uses only quality parts and works with trusted suppliers. We repair the product with utmost care to safeguard it from any further damage. Above all, you do not need an appointment. Just walk into our shop or contact us through the site to repair the PS Vita screen.

    PS Vita screen repair cost

    Any repair from our shop comes with a warranty of 3 months. For the PS Vita screen repair cost, we first conduct a complementary diagnosis as soon as we get the product. Then only we provide our free estimations. Do not worry about the price. Our cost is pretty affordable with the premium services we are offering.

    Services iFix Offers

    We provide a wide range of services from smartphone repair to laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. For PS Vita or any other gaming console, we repair

    • Screen
    • Batteries
    • System upgradation
    • Controller
    • Camera
    • And many more

    Bring your broken PS Vita to our shop in New York for instant repair.

    How long does it take to repair a PS Vita screen?

    The repair depends upon the damage. We usually repair any product on the same day. If the issue is complicated, we take a few days.

     Is the PS Vita a dead console?

    Yes, Sony has officially discontinued its PS Vita production 

    Does Sony still support PS Vita?

    No, Sony does not support any troubleshooting, repair, or replacement services for PS Vita.

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