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    Are you an oldie, loving playing games with Atari and other retro models? These gaming consoles are prone to damage. Because they are old, many shops do not provide retro video game repair services but do not be worried. We are here to rescue you. Repairs Bay provides fast and quality repair for retro video game consoles. Just fill out a small form or visit our shop in Brooklyn for instant repair.

    Retro Game Console Repair Cost at Repairs Bay

    The cost of vintage game repair depends upon the damage and the model. As soon as we get your product, our engineers do a free diagnosis. Only after that can we provide a price estimation. With your approval, we proceed with further repair. Don’t be hesitant about the price. Repairs Bay offers market-competitive pricing with quality services. 

    Why Repairs Bay

    With 20 years of experience, Repairs Bay has dealt with thousands of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles. We only hire skilled and well-trained engineers and technicians, so they work with ultra care. Rest assured with the data. Your device is in safe hands. Not a single bit would be lost with us. All else, we are open 24/7. You may contact us anytime through the site or visit our shop in New York. 

    Retro Game Console Repair in Brooklyn

    Retro is a term that refers to a classic or bygone era of gaming. It all started with Magnavox and Atari; still, many gamers rely on vintage gaming rather than modern ones.

    Such consoles use cartridges, wire controllers, RCA or RF connectors, and so on. These consoles are old and could be damaged physically or malfunction due to a system downturn. To resolve any issue with a retro gaming console, speak to the representatives of Repairs Bay. We provide repairs for

    • HDMI port
    • Hard drives
    • Overheating issues
    • System upgradation
    • Controller
    • Audio system 
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Battery
    • Ports
    • And so on

    Use the advantage of free consultation and get your product repaired in no time.

    Models We Repair

    Retro is an umbrella under which many companies have launched different models of consoles. Repairs Bay deals with the following vintage video game repair 

    • Atari
    • Apple Pippin
    • PlayStation Classic
    • Genesis
    • Magnavox
    • Nintendo
    • And many more 

    We resolve any issue on the same day, but a complex one may take a few days.

    Can I get a free consultation before deciding on a repair?

    Yes, Repairs Bay provides free consultation, price estimation, and diagnosis to all customers.

    How long does a typical retro console repair take?

    Usually, we resolve issues related to system upgrades and replacements within a day. Problems like overheating, controller repair, and port repair take a few days.

    What is your policy if my console breaks down again after the repair?

    Repairs Bay provides a 30-day warranty after any repair services. In between you may bring your product again for repair; we will do it for free.

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