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    Repairs Bay has started providing Steam handheld console repair services. Our team is fully trained to deal with this new handheld gaming console. From Steam screens to button repairs and malware detection, Repairs Bay deals with every component. Just visit our shop in New York or fill out a small form for a free consultation. 

    Efficient Steam Handheld Console Repair Services 

    Steam Deck has a 7-inch multi-touch LCD or OLED screen with a 4-core processor and different storage capacities. With a non-removal joystick, It comes with a one-year warranty. 

    You may get a free repair if the device is under warranty from Valva; It only covers functional damage. Accidental damage from your side won’t be covered in the warranty. For any repair, you need our services. We fix the following models

    • Steam Deck 64 GB
    • Steam Deck 256 GB
    • Steam Deck 512 GB
    • Steam Deck OLED 512 GB
    • Steam Deck OLED 1TB

    Reach us today for any repair with 1 month’s warranty. 

    Steam Handheld Console Repair Cost 

    Repairs Bay offers different costs for Steam handheld gaming consoles. We take the model and the damage into consideration. Be confident about our pricing as we won’t charge much. Besides, our consultation and diagnosis are free. 

    Repairs Bay is the Best 

    Repairs Bay is a solution to all your problems. Whether you are facing a glitch or physical damage, we repair not only gaming consoles but also other electronic devices. Our engineers repair any device within a day to bring back your gaming experience without delay. We only utilize the best tools and genuine parts for replacement to keep the longevity of the product. Repairs Bay is striving for absolute customer satisfaction for this. Our process is transparent as we keep you informed about minute details. Visit our shop today without a delay or reach us through the website. We are open 24/7 for you.

    What We Repair At Our Shop

    We provide various repair and replacement services for handheld Steam gaming consoles.

    Screen Repair 

    If you are carrying a console in a bag, the screen might get damaged.  A cracked or broken screen is a constant problem for many Steam gamers. For this, we provide effective services for screen repair or replacement.  

    Battery Replacement 

    If your Steam Deck and Steam OLED are having trouble with charging, you need an immediate battery, charging port, or charger replacement. 

    Joystick Repair

    Steam has undetectable controllers. Over time, dust may accumulate in it, hampering its functioning. We repair the joystick in no time.

    Misc Services 

    We also deal with Overheating issues, fan repair, motherboard repair, thumbstick module updates, and system upgradation to enhance the performance of a console. 

    Can you fix the water damage on my console?

    Yes, a water-damaged console can be fixed but we need to conduct a diagnosis to check the severity of the damage. 

    My console won't turn on. Can you diagnose the problem and fix it?

    There might be a software or a hardware issue. Bring the device to Repairs Bay we will fix your console

    How long does it typically take to repair a console?

    We usually fix any device in hours but complex repairs take a few days. Get our consultation to know the exact timings.

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