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    If you have such an expensive gadget as an Xbox broken down, you probably want to try to “save” it. Bring your game console to us! We’ll make your Xbox work perfectly again!

    We Offer the Best Xbox Repair Services

    Here are just some of our benefits:

    Our repair engineers use only quality parts that Repairs Bay sources specifically. We’re confident in our work, which is why we offer a 30-day repair warranty.
    Our work schedule is very convenient for our clients. We work seven days a week, and you do not need to make an appointment in advance to get to us. Our doors are always open for you.
    Repairs Bay`s engineers have a wealth of experience, including Xbox repairing. Therefore, they quickly and efficiently diagnose any gadgets. All consultations and assessments are free of charge.

    Reliable Xbox Repair Center in Brooklyn

    We regularly repair these devices, so we know their main problems.

    • Console HDMI ports break due to careless use. For example, children often pull on wires and loosen wire sockets.
    • Dust gets into the fans, and the gadget overheats and turns off. In this case, the Xbox will need to be repaired after a while. In particular, the motherboard may burn out and have to be replaced. To avoid this, owners should contact Xbox repair shops on time and carry out preventive maintenance.
    • The device stops working due to moisture getting inside the case. For example, humidifiers installed near the Xbox can cause damage.
    WE DO
    • Red ring of death eliminating
    • HDMI Repair
    • Motherboard repair
    • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Repair
    • Disk drive repair
    • Hard drive repair
    Service Name Estimated Price Warranty Time
    HDMI Repair From $70.00 30 days up to 1 hr
    Motherboard repair From $90.00 30 days 1 hr
    Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Repair From $70.00 30 days 1 hr
    Disk drive repair From $65.00 30 days 0.5-1 hr
    Hard drive repair From $65.00 30 days 0.5-1 hr