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    Don’t write off your game console if its HDMI port is broken. Repairs Bay will quickly fix this failure and bring your device back to life.

    Reliable Xbox HDMI Port Repair 

    The HDMI port is a rather delicate and sensitive part of any device. It is constantly exposed to strong external influences, so port failures are very common. The main causes of problems are:

    • mechanical damage due to careless handling
    • the ingress of moisture and dust inside

    Fortunately, we can quickly solve each of these problems. Repairs Bay’s engineers will complete an Xbox HDMI port repair within an hour.

    You Can Trust Us Xbox HDMI Port Repair

    Even Xbox HDMI port cleaning requires care and attention from the repairman, and to completely replace the port, the engineer must always disassemble the console case and apply micro soldering. This is a very delicate job, never try to do it yourself! Trust Xbox HDMI repair to our experts and you will get:

    • one-month warranty;
    • reliable result;
    • the best service in NYC.

    You can come any day of the week and consult with us. We will diagnose your device for free.

    Can you use an Xbox with a broken HDMI port?

    Even if the damage will allow you to turn on the game console, don’t do it. By experimenting in this way, you can completely break your Xbox. A short circuit can occur – and other console components will burn out, including the motherboard. In this case, the repair will be very expensive or even impossible. Better save your money and pay for Xbox HDMI repair right away. This service will cost you much less.

    Can an HDMI port be repaired?

    Xbox HDMI port repair is a very requested service as the HDMI port breaks frequently. In such cases, our engineers carry out free diagnostics. Sometimes, to solve the problem, it is enough to clean and remove the dust that got into the hole. Or we completely change the component. This procedure requires special equipment and skills, but the task is completely solvable.

    Can you use USB instead of HDMI for Xbox?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Xbox One is not compatible with USB to HDMI adapters.

    How do you fix a broken HDMI port?

    To do this, we need to disassemble the console case, remove the broken HDMI port and solder a new one. Don’t try this yourself unless you want complications and more serious damage to your console.

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