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    Are you struggling with unexpected error 9 or a charging cable stuck inside the port? Are you also noticing a draining battery life on your iPad? Don’t despair, Repairs Bay is here. We are providing top-notch Apple iPad Air Repair in Brooklyn to our customers. Our dedicated team will handle your device at a reasonably charged cost with a 30-day warranty. You can get our services by walking into our shop or mail-in support. 

    Profession iPad Air Repair 

    The First Generation was released by Apple back in 2013, and the recent one is its 6th Generation with better performance and multiple features. Tablets are usually used by children, so the chances of damage are pretty high. If they slip, the screen can be completely broken. Overuse may hang the device for some time, obstructing its performance. No matter what the problem is, Repairs Bay will fix it all. Though we have numerous services, below are the most famous ones.

    iPad Air Battery Replacement 

    Power is necessary for productivity. Repairs Bay can increase productivity of a tablet by enhancing the efficiency of a battery. We replace old batteries with new ones, identical to Apple. We also replace charging ports and cables. 

    iPad Air Charging Port Repair

    Charging ports can be broken by a physical accident or dust. When a pin bends inside it or stuck to it, means the port needs servicing from Repairs Bay. Even our iPad Air charging port repair cost is quite economical. 

    Apple iPad Air Screen Repair 

    Displays are the most fragile parts of a device. It can be damaged easily, hindering your entertainment. Our engineers diagnose the issue and then suggest whether you should go for screen repair or replacement.

    Repairs Bay is An Expert 

    Repairs Bay is an outstanding shop to fix your old and broken devices in some hours.

    Our experts have more than 2 decades of experience in dealing with smartphones, tablets, consoles, and many more tech devices. For Apple, we own a dedicated team who are highly qualified. We have been restoring Apple products, especially iPads since their release. We also hold a policy to procure spare parts from a reliable supplier so you won’t be roaming again for the same issues. What else are you looking for? Get our consultation and relieve all worries. 

    iPad Air Repair Cost

    Getting a repair from AppleCare would be costlier if the device isn’t covered under warranty. You can also take the experience of a third-party shop like Repairs Bay. We fix all the issues at a very affordable price. Below are the models we restore at our shop

    • iPad Air 1st Generation 
    • iPad Air 2nd Generation 
    • iPad Air 3rd Generation 
    • iPad Air 4th Generation 
    • iPad Air 5th Generation 
    • iPad Air 6th Generation 

    The price will be depending on the model as well as the damage. Get our free price estimations after diagnosis.

    How much will it cost to fix an iPad Air screen? 

    iPad air screen repair cost depends on the service you are taking. For repairing a screen, we take different charges than its replacement. Even for a replacement, we have many options. It is better to take our diagnosis, so we update you about the price.

    Is it worth repairing the iPad Air?

    It depends. If the device is too old and the cost of fixing it is too high, you shouldn’t repair it. If the device is new and has some issues then we will fix it. Take our diagnosis before making a decision.

    Is it possible to replace the glass on the iPad Air?

    Repairs Bay is offering an iPad Air glass replacement facility at its shop. With this, We fix internal and internal issues with system upgradation and data recovery. 

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