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    Is my iPad Charging Port Broken?

    You can identify a broken charging connector by several signs.

    • Dirt or moisture has entered the connector.
    • The charge level icon does not change when the gadget is connected.
    • Mechanical damage to the port is visible.

    In any of these cases, an iPad charging port replacement is required. Repairs Bay’s engineers will repair your gadget within a few hours after a detailed diagnosis of the gadget.

    Repair the Charging Port With Us

    By entrusting us with the repair of your iPad, you will receive timely assistance and high-quality service.

    • Monthly warranty.
    • Original accessories.
    • Long-term results for a reasonable price.

    Thanks to modern equipment and high-level skills, Repairs Bay can repair equipment of any level of complexity.

    Can the iPad charging port be replaced?

    You should not think that replacing the charging port is a simple procedure. The fact is that Apple devices are made of high quality, and their components are compact. Therefore, one careless movement can cause even more damage to the gadget than before the start of the repair.
    However, if you contact Repairs Bay, you are guaranteed to get a quality result. Each device that falls into the hands of our masters goes through several stages. The first and most necessary is high-precision diagnostics, which helps to detect hidden breakdowns, as well as the reasons for their occurrence. The second stage is the disassembly of the tablet and the replacement of the iPad connector. After testing, we return the updated gadget to the client.

    How can I tell if my charging port is damaged?

    You can understand that the problem lies in the charging port, by several signs. Some of them clearly indicate a breakdown, while others are only additional signals.
    – You connect the cable, but the notification about the start of charging is not displayed on the gadget’s screen (the charge level icon remains unchanged and the lightning bolt icon does not appear).
    – You have noticed malfunctions in the microphone. The charging port is located too close to the microphone. Problems with sound playback indicate damage to the charging cable.
    – During the external examination, defects are observed, and accumulations of dirt are visible.
    As a rule, problems with connectors are not peculiar to newly purchased devices. Problems begin after 2-3 years of operation of the iPad. However, in the case of rough or inaccurate operation, malfunctions may appear already in the first half of the year.

    How can I charge my tablet with a broken charging port?

    In short, it’s better not to do this, otherwise, you risk completely breaking your iPad.
    For example, moisture and dirt got into the charging port, the port was very loose, or the wire was damaged. In any of these options, it is dangerous to turn on the gadget. It can short out and burn out, and it will be much more difficult or even impossible to repair the gadget.
    Now try to compare the cost of repairing a charging port and a burned-out iPad. And calculate how much time you need to spend on repairs in both cases. You will understand that repairing the charging port right away is cheaper and faster. We do not advise you to experiment on your own. It’s best to take your iPad to Repairs Bay right away and we’ll fix it.

    Service Name Estimated Price (from) Warranty Time
    iPad $70.00 30 days  up to 1 h
    iPad Air $100.00  30 days  up to 1 h
    iPad Mini $80.00  30 days  up to 1 h
    iPad Pro $150.00  30 days  up to 1 h