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    A crack in the glass of your iPad can cause significant damage to the device. In case you have to deal with such an issue, contact our service center – the problem will be solved quickly.


    Only reliable and experienced technicians should be trusted with Apple the iPad screen repair! Repairs Bay is a team of highly skilled repairers with vast experience:

    • More than 10 years of servicing Apple gadgets.
    • We provide repairs of any complexity, including micro soldering.
    • All works come with a warranty. 
    • We use only original parts.

    Your iPad will operate reliably for a long time following the repair in our service center.

    • In case of a strong impact or a fall from a height, there is a possibility of damage to the LCD matrix, of course. The repair then will cost more, as this is the most expensive spare part of the iPad.
    • If stripes, flickering, and black spots appear on your tablet, or the image disappears, the display needs to be replaced.
    • If your gadget’s glass needs to be replaced, we are here to help you restore it. Before the repair, it is essential to diagnose the device and identify the root cause of the issue. At Repairs Bay, we offer free diagnostic services to our customers.


    Sometimes the only damaged part is the glass of your iPad. If you want to continue using the gadget, be sure to change the compromised glass. You have the option to deal with this issue without replacing the entire display assembly.


    Replacing an iPad screen can be challenging, and the difficulty level depends on the technical skills, experience with electronics, and the specific iPad model at hand. For example, in older versions, it is enough to replace the protective glass without touching the display. In the iPad Air 2, the glass is tightly connected to the display, as in the latest iPhone models. Therefore, they need to be changed together.

    It’s important to understand that iPads are not designed for easy user repair, and attempting to do so without the right knowledge and tools can lead to more significant issues. It’s usually safer to contact professional technicians for assistance.

    You can get away with not addressing this issue for a while. But when there is even a small crack, it will gradually increase, causing further issues:

    1. Damage can spread to internal parts, including the motherboard. 
    2. Moisture can get inside your device – the consequences will be destructive. 

    Therefore, a screen replacement is the right solution in such a situation.

    Is it better to replace an iPad screen or buy a new one?

    Before making this choice, we advise you to visit the service center first and find out the cost of the repair. Usually, the price for restoring a gadget is much lower than for a new iPad, which means you can save money. Moreover, at Repairs Bay, you will receive a consultation with our experts for free.
    Once you have all the information you need, you can make your final decision. However, if you decide that you need an iPad screen replacement, contact real professionals. Otherwise, your expensive gadget will turn into a useless piece of metal and plastic.

    How long does it take to replace the iPad screen?

    In general, the screen replacement process can take about an hour or faster. A more specific estimate requires an inspection of your device. Our technicians will provide information based on their assessment of the specific details regarding your iPad’s condition.

    What is the iPad screen repair cost at your service center?

    Replacing an iPad screen can vary depending on the iPad model and, of course, the extent of the damage. In most general cases, the price varies from $80 for a regular iPad to $180 for an iPad Pro.

    Service Name Estimated Price (from) Warranty Time
    iPad $80.00 30 days  up to 1 h
    iPad Air $100.00  30 days  up to 1 h
    iPad Mini $100.00  30 days  up to 1 h
    iPad Pro $180.00  30 days  up to 1 h