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    If your water bottle leaks into a bag and the liquid runs into your tablet, it is a disaster. No worries, you can rely on Repairs Bay for iPad water damage repair. We specialize in restoring liquid-damaged devices and even do data recovery when nothing works. After taking our service, you will also get a 30-day warranty. In case of any problem, you may bring back the device to us. Wait no longer as the liquid may start corroding other parts and get our services. You can visit our shop or mail the device to us. We are located on Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY.

    iPad Water Damage Repair Cost

    We have flexible iPad water damage costs. You need to send a device for diagnostics. Afterwards, we will provide you with price estimations. Do not worry, as compared to Apple and other third-party service providers, Repairs Bay is pretty much economical with outclass services. 

    Things To Do For iPad Water Damage Repair

    First of all, it is important to mention that iPads are not water-resistant. You must avoid water splashing or submersion. When they dip in the water, the whole body stops functioning. You may notice that the screen is changing colours or the device doesn’t turn on. At Repairs Bay, we fix damaged components, replace corroded parts and rescue the data. Before bringing the device to us, you must be aware of the Do’s and Don’ts of a liquid damage device. Follow simple procedure

    • Turn off the tablet immediately and do not switch it on till 24-48 hours 
    • Remove the memory card, SIM card and other peripherals
    • Use a soft cotton to soak water from the device
    • Try to open the bottom case of an iPad for drying
    • Don’t use hairdryer 
    • Never put a tablet into rice 

    Try to turn on the device. If you notice any problem, reach Repairs Bay

    Why Choosing Us

    Repairs Bay has been dealing with water-damaged mobiles, tablets and laptops for more than 2 decades. We inspect every component deeply. If the logic board is corroded then we replace it completely otherwise, we replace fuses and circuits. Similarly, we are experts in micro-soldering and retrieving data from the chip. If we talk about our experts, they are unbeatable in the whole market. They have the expertise, knowledge and enough tools to repair any accidentally broken devices in some hours. We are fixing many parts of a device. Some of the major services are

    • Screen Repair
    • Battery Replacement
    • Logic Board Repair
    • Speaker Replacement
    • Sensor Repair
    • Home Button Repair
    • Data recovery 
    • Deep cleaning and upgradation
    • And many more 

    We take some hours for replacement, but complex repair takes a few more days. You may take our free consultation anytime to clear all your queries. We are keeping no appointments, and are available 7 days a week. 

    Can a water-damaged iPad be repaired?

    Repairs Bay has an Apple-certified team for iPad water damage repair. We fix glitching issues, background colour problems, corroded logic boards, distorted speakers and many more parts. 

    How much does it cost to repair a water-damaged iPad?

    If you go to Apple, they will replace all the components and charge a hefty amount. At Repairs Bay, we try to fix the problem at a reasonable price. You will also get a Free diagnosis, consultation and 30-day warranty. 

    Is it possible to save an iPad after it gets wet?

    It is important to take prompt action as soon as the liquid spills on the iPad. You must turn off the device, soak water and disconnect the peripheries. After this, you can bring the device to us for inspection. 

    How can I tell if my iPad is water-damaged?

    When a laptop does not turn on, or the screen shows water dents, or the speakers have distorted sound means your device is water-damaged and needs immediate repair. 

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