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    When your mobile has an activation bug, charging issues, or sensor problems, get to Repairs Bay for fast iPhone 13 repair services. We have been fixing devices for 20 years. With a regular base of customers, we are cost-effective and skilled in our work. You don’t need to visit the store. Just use our mail-in option and get back your device in working condition. 

    Apple iPhone 13 Repair 

    Apple has introduced the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max to provide better functioning along with many enjoyable features. Adding to it, these devices are water resistant and can be drowned in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters. Despite this, some parts could stop working. Even for water damage iPhone 13 repair, we are here. Below is a list of our major services

    • Battery Replacement 
    • Logic Board Replacement
    • Screen Replacement
    • Sensor Repair
    • Speaker Replacement 
    • Button Repair
    • Data Recovery, etc. 

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    Services We Offer

    Repairs Bay is offering multiple services among them, some are mostly purchased.

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    iPhone 13 back Glass Repair

    Apple uses Corning material in its smartphone, which enhances the durability of the device. A scratched back glass affects not only beauty but also the camera’s focus. So it’s better to replace it from our shop. 

    iPhone 13 Screen Repair

    You must be extra cautious with a 6.1-inch screen as it is too fragile. In case a device meets any accident, the screen is the first part that could be damaged. Dents on the screen, vertical or horizontal lines, or cracks obstruct doing any important task on a mobile. Take our services at an affordable iPhone 13 screen repair cost. 

    iPhone 13 Battery Replacement

    When a device can’t hold a charge any longer or takes too much time to charge a device, then you must replace it. Apple only replaces a battery for free when its capacity decreases by 80 percent on 1000 charge cycles. Otherwise, you will have to pay an additional amount. At Repairs Bay, we replaced the old battery with a new and genuine one identical to Apple. 

    Why Choosing Quick Fix 

    Multiple Repairs: We are handling laptop tablets, consoles, and other tech gadgets of Samsung, Apple, Toshiba, Microsoft, etc. 

    Sound Knowledge: Our experience of 2 decades has taught us to handle and detect minute problems in devices. We also have soldering techniques for the smallest parts as chips and capacitors.

    Dedicated Team: Repairs Bay has an Apple-certified and well-trained team to handle devices. So the chances of damage are too low. 

    Device Maintenance: We enhance the performance of mobile through proper cleaning and system upgrades. 

    Affordable: Our iPhone 13 repair cost is quite affordable. You won’t get premium services at this minimum cost in the whole market. 

    Same-Day Service: We fix any issues in a few days. Problems like cracked screens or water-damaged logic boards take a week. 

    No Bookings: We haven’t kept any prior bookings. You are free to visit us anytime or get our online consultation. 

    Complimentary Services: Repairs Bay is also offering free diagnosis, consultation, and price estimations.


    How much does glass cost on iPhone 13?

    For the iPhone back glass repair cost, we need to do a diagnosis, and then only we will update you about the price. For the screen repair cost, we follow the same procedure. 

    Can iPhone 13 be repaired?

    iPhone 13 can surely be repaired with Repairs Bay. We have experience in detecting small faults in a device that isn’t usually visible to the naked eye. 

    How much does it cost to repair the back of an iPhone 13 Pro?

    It depends. The cost includes many variables such as the price of the replacement parts, the time and labor required, and so on. Take our diagnosis, and we will update you about everything

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