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    Are you a pro gamer but annoyed with a flickering screen, draining battery, and slow performance? Now you do not need to worry because Repairs Bay is here to assist you. With our knowledge and expertise, an Asus laptop repair is possible in hours. Visit our shop located in Brooklyn or mail your device to us so we can start our repair process.

    Qualified Asus Laptop Repair Service in New York 

    Asus is a best-selling gaming laptop company. Its recent release of Asus 14 has already taken over the market. However, as we all know, any machine is prone to damage. It starts depreciating with time. An accident like water damage may obstruct the smooth functioning of a laptop. Asus also provides a 1.5-year warranty but you need to cover accidents on your own. As a third-party repair shop, Repairs Bay helps you to get rid of any problem with the laptop. We are providing an Asus laptop repair for the following models:

    1. Port Art Studiobook Series
    2. Zenbook Series
    3. Vivobook Series
    4. Chromebook Series

    You can approach us anytime in a week as we are open 7 days for you. We do any repair within some hours but complex problems take a few days.

    Our Services For Asus Laptop Repair

    With the experience of more than a decade, Repairs Bay has taken over the repair industry. For accidental and water damage Asus laptop repair, we are fixing nearly all parts of the device, some of them are discussed below.

    Asus Laptop Charging Port Replacement

    If the battery is unable to charge or slow charging it’s an issue of charging port. Repring charging ports is not a good idea, so it is better to replace them. At Repairs Bay, we replace an old charging port with a new and genuine one.

    Asus Laptop Hinge Repair

    Asus has two hinges that cover the movement of a laptop’s screen. With time, these hinges get loose and impede the proper positioning of a laptop screen. Though you can tighten a hinge by yourself we suggest using a professional service like Repairs Bay to protect a device from further damage.

    Asus Laptop Screen Repair 

    If the screen is flickering, showing no display, or smashed then contact Repairs Bay for real-time screen repair. Our professional team, repair a broken screen in no time. If required, we will also replace a smashed screen so you get a gaming experience once again.  

    Our Asus Laptop Repair Cost

    Our Asus laptop repair cost depends on the extent of damage as well as the model. Our pricing is pretty reasonable with our premium services. The pricing also includes a 30-day warranty after any repair. If the device malfunctions during the warranty period, you may bring it to us. We will fix it for free.

    Facilities We Are Providing

    Repairs Bay is a famous name in the whole industry. We provide a wide range of repair services including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and console repairs. With us, your device is in safe hands as carry out any repair cautiously without causing additional harm to the laptop. We are renowned among users for our free diagnosis and consultation as we do not move for any sort of repair before your approval, Besides this, you do not need any appointment to reach us. We are available in our store to fix any broken device. If you are busy, then mail the device to us. We will ship it back when it is repaired. Wait no more and get our services today.

    Is it possible to fix my Asus?

    Yes, it is possible to fix Asus’s laptop. Repairs Bay is well-trained to deal with minor to major issues for Asus laptop repair. We repair and replace batteries, motherboards, screens, fans, speakers, keyboards, and so on.

    Is it possible to diagnose an Asus laptop?

    Repairs Bay provides complementary services for laptop diagnosis. Once we get the product, we diagnose it and provide you with price estimations. Then we start our repair process.

    Is it possible to repair a water-damaged Asus laptop?

    Yes, it is possible to repair a water-damaged Asus laptop. For this, we provide professional services for corroded metal parts, damaged screens, and motherboard repair.

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