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    Repairs Bay fixes issues of flickering screens, overheating devices, draining batteries, and slow performance at the HP laptop repair shop. We have got our feet in the industry after seamless efforts of more than 10 years. Now, we are providing a wide range of repairs alongside laptops. Visit our shop located at 6908 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY, or mail in the device at our store.

    Our Premium HP Laptop Repair

    Hewlett Packard laptops are designed to cater for mishaps and accidents, yet they are not prone to liquids. Overheating is one of the major issues obstructing the performance of the laptop. No matter whether the problem is big or small, you can get HP laptop repaired at reasonable rates. Out of many, some major issues that we address are:

    • HP laptop screen repair
    • HP laptop keyboard repair
    • HP laptop hinge repair
    • HP laptop motherboard repair
    • System Upgradation and cleaning
    • And so on

    All our services apply to HP laptop water damage repair and hardware issues. We also fix software errors to reboot the device and enhance connectivity.

    HP Laptop Motherboard Repair 

    Repairs Bay is famous for its hassle-free HP laptop motherboard repair service. We fix and replace circuits, fuses, and wires. Our team remains extra cautious while dealing with motherboards as a single mistake could damage the functioning of whole laptops.

    HP Laptop Keyboard Repair

    Our repair process for the keyboard is simple. We detach the keyboard for cleaning to remove dirt particles. We replace a single damaged key or the whole keyboard if required, then properly reseat the keyboard in its exact place.  

    HP Laptop Screen Repair 

    The laptop screen is light; it can be damaged with any single blow of a hand. Before any screen repair, our technician checks whether the device needs a complete panel replacement or just an LCD repair. Before handing over the device to you, we check brightness, color, contrast, and touch sensors.

    Our HP Laptop Repair Cost

    The repair cost of HP laptops is varied. It depends on the damage and the model of the laptop which is in your use. We conduct free diagnoses and then provide you with price estimations. Also, our 30-day warranty is applied to any repair you get from the company.

    Why Choosing Repairs Bay 

    Repairs Bay owns a team of experts for any device repair. We do our task professionally and cautiously without causing further harm to the laptop. For replacement, we use genuine parts so you do not need to be worried about the same problem again. We keep no appointment to reach us. Just visit our shop or fill out a short form to ask for a free consultation. We are available 365 for any repair and replacement. 

    What should I do if my HP laptop is not turning on?

    If the laptop is unable to turn on, get our services of HP laptop repair. It is usually an issue of the damaged motherboard, battery, or screen. Make sure to get a diagnosis before taking the device for repair.

    Is it possible to repair water damage in an HP laptop?

    HP laptop water damage repair is possible, but we need to check the laptop before repair. Do not waste more time and send your laptop to our address.

    How quickly can an HP laptop motherboard be repaired?

    If the motherboard has a simple issue like circuit replacement, we also do it in a day. If it has metal corrosion or similar tough tasks, it takes some extra days.

    Can my HP laptop keyboard be repaired if some keys are not working?

    Yes, the HP laptop keyboard can be repaired. Repairs Bay replaces single keys as well as complete keyboards for customers. 

    Do I need to make an appointment for my HP laptop repair or can I walk in for the service?

    You do not need to make an appointment for HP laptop repair. Get our free consultation today or visit our site. We are open 365 days for you. 

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