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    Without a good battery, your laptop will still be able to work, but it will lose its portability, its main advantage. Don’t wait for it! Noticed a problem? Bring your laptop to us for repairs!


    Over time, laptop batteries can degrade and lose their ability to hold a charge, resulting in reduced battery life and overall performance. This degradation is a natural part of the chemical processes that occur within batteries.

    The older the laptop and the more actively you use it, the faster the battery will stop working. Also, malfunctions can be associated with:

    • Mechanical damage
    • High temperatures
    • Manufacturing defects
    • Water damage
    • Heavy usage and demanding applications

    In any of these cases, diagnostics should be carried out only in a specialized service center. Don’t try to fix it yourself! The consequences can be very serious!


    A laptop battery is generally a task that requires some technical skills, yet certain laptops may have sealed or integrated batteries that are not easily replaceable. In such cases, professional assistance is required.

    Our technicians handle batteries safely. Lithium-ion batteries can be sensitive to physical damage and temperature extremes. The old battery is disposed of according to the best practices because we care about the environment and sustainability.

    After aligning the new battery with the contacts in the laptop, securing the compartment, and ensuring that any screws or latches are tightened appropriately, we power on the laptop and check the battery status to confirm that it is recognized and can function correctly.

    Some laptops may require a calibration process to ensure accurate battery level readings. Additionally, we check for any firmware or driver updates related to battery management.


    Our specialists are our main advantage! Repairs Bay’s engineers are real experts in their field. They do their job accurately, quickly, and efficiently.

    Repairs Bay provides customers with:

    • Free diagnostics
    • Original spare parts
    • One month warranty

    We repair gadgets of all brands – Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Apple, etc. Our service center will perform a laptop battery replacement on the same day!

    How high is the battery replacement cost?

    The cost of laptop battery replacement can vary depending on the model and battery type. On average it is likely to be $75.

    How much time does the battery replacement take?

    Close to 30 minutes on average – it may be different based on other issues with the laptop.

    How many years should a laptop battery last?

    A charge cycle is defined as the process of charging a battery from 0% to 100% and then discharging it back to 0%. Lithium-ion batteries typically have a finite number of charge cycles before their capacity significantly degrades. A standard laptop battery might have around 300 to 500 charge cycles. 

    Much depends on which brand this gadget belongs to. For example, Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Apple, etc.

    Of course, users do not count how many times they charge a laptop, but they can focus on averages. The full resource is developed within 2-3 years of operation, after which it is better to replace the battery.

    Is it better to replace the laptop battery or buy a new laptop?

    If your laptop is relatively new and still meets your performance needs, replacing the battery can be a cost-effective way to extend its overall lifespan. On the other hand, if the laptop is outdated and showing signs of other hardware issues, it might be more practical to invest in a new laptop.

    Service Name Estimated Price (from) Warranty Time
    Laptop Battery Replacement $75 30 days  30 min