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    Even if one or more keys on the keyboard do not work, this creates great inconvenience. If the entire keyboard doesn’t work, it’s a disaster. Luckily, we can fix this very quickly!


    If the keyboard of your PC malfunctions, you always have the option to install a new one. However, when it comes to laptops, the keyboard is integrated into the device, making replacement a significantly more challenging task. It is advisable to entrust the intricate procedure of repairing it to experienced pros.

    Several factors can cause a laptop keyboard to break:

    • Mechanical damage consequences
    • Water damage
    • Dust inside the device
    • Natural wear and tear


    At Repairs Bay, you get:

    • Free consultation with professional technicians
    • One month (30 days) warranty
    • Fast and professional service

    You do not even need to pre-register to get your device repaired! Just Come and tell us what you need repaired!

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    The difficulty in repairing a laptop keyboard can vary depending on the specific issue and the laptop model. Some specific factors can make the process significantly more challenging for users:

    1. Many modern laptops have keyboards integrated into the top case or are part of the motherboard. This integration can make accessing and replacing individual keys or the entire keyboard more challenging compared to external keyboards.
    2. Some laptops have keyboards that are not designed to be user-replaceable. In such cases, accessing and replacing the keyboard may involve partial or complete disassembly of the laptop. It may add to the overall cost of repairing a laptop keyboard.
    3. Replacing keycaps can be intricate. The keys are often designed to fit precisely, and removing or replacing them without causing damage requires careful handling.

    To repair a laptop keyboard you need to have (or find someone who has):

    1. Diagnostic skills to determine whether the issue is with specific keys, the entire keyboard, if there’s a software-related problem, etc.
    2. Technical knowledge. Even knowing how to access and update device drivers is crucial. Yet the cause can be much more serious.
    3. Tools and equipment. Some things that often come in handy can be listed briefly:
    • If you’re dealing with a keyboard that can be removed, you’ll need screwdrivers and possibly other tools to open the laptop and access the keyboard.
    • Cleaning tools (compressed air or a soft brush) can be useful for dealing with dust and debris.
    • If the issue is with specific keys, having replacement keycaps might be necessary.

    Before starting laptop keyboard repairs, Repairs Bay’s engineers will conduct a free diagnostic. The whole process will take 1-3 hours.


    What is the laptop keyboard repair cost at your place?

    It depends on the cause of the breakdown. For example:

    – the key has fallen out of the keyboard. Repair is possible in almost 99% of cases.

    – one or more keys have stopped working. Here you need a preliminary diagnosis of an engineer. In 60-70% of cases, the cause of key failure is a short circuit due to liquid that has got inside. To perform laptop keyboard repairs, an engineer must disassemble the gadget.

    – the cable and/or connector to the motherboard are damaged. In some cases, the repair is impossible or not economically feasible.

    – keys are hard to press. The reason is the wear of this component or its excessive contamination. In the first case, you will need to replace the keyboard on the laptop, and if it gets dirty, professional cleaning will help.

    If you find such laptop keyboard problems, you can contact the Repairs Bay service center.

    How much does it cost to fix a laptop keyboard?

    The laptop keyboard repair cost can be affected by the cause of the breakdown. For example, a keyboard replacement costs $75 on average. However, if replacement of the cable or other components is also required, the total repair cost may increase.

    How do I reset an unresponsive keyboard?

    Sometimes when your keyboard is not working, it might be due to a software glitch – no repair is needed then. A simple restart can help resolve such a temporary issue – do it and check if the keyboard starts working again.

    You should also, run a full antivirus and anti-malware scan to ensure that your system is not affected by malicious software, make sure that your operating system is up to date, and check for drivers’ updates. If those measures are not working, contact us!

    Can keyboard keys be repaired?

    Key repair is possible and quite effective. The exception is those cases when the metal fasteners are damaged. If the key fell out, but nothing broke, it can be returned to its place.

    repair estimate

    Service Name Estimated Price (from) Warranty Time
    Laptop Keyboard Repair $75.00 30 days up to 1 h