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    When a laptop shows signs of an unstable screen and strange sound while you opens and closes the device, is an indication of a loosened hinge. Our Lenovo laptop hinge repair engineers use the best tools to to retain the reliability and longevity of a hinge. What you just need to do is to visit the shop of Repairs Bay which is located at Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY. If you can’t reach, then get our mail-in support. 

    How To Do A MacBook Hinge Repair 

    A hinge breaks by continuous use of a laptop and halts its smooth functioning. When a hinge remains breaks for a longer period then it may rupture the plastic lining of a display cable. If you do not want this result, then do a MacBook hinge repair as soon as possible. 

    • Remove devices
    • Unscrew bottom cover 
    • Remove the hinge cover on top of the keyboard
    • Unplug video cable
    • Remove screws of hinge 
    • Tight hinges with screwdriver 

    Though the process looks simple, many dangers are associated with it. So, it’s better to take professional support as Repairs Bay.

    Our Process of Lenovo Laptop Hinges Repair 

    We ensure the best performance of a hinge for years once the product goes from our hands. Our experience of 2 decades has made us familiar with the internal structure of a Lenovo laptop. We know that the display is attached to the motherboard, and a single mistake could adversely affect the whole laptop. We fix

    • Damage bolts
    • Damage brass screws
    • Lose and stiff hinge
    • Replacement 
    • Crackling sounds


    Give us a chance to examine a device. Unlike other companies, we do not charge any amount for diagnosis. 

    Choose Repairs Bay 

    If you are the one with the broken hinge and confused with what’s next, look nowhere than Repairs Bay. With our highly qualified technicians, we can fix any device with the blinking of an eye. Our experience has taught us to strive for customer satisfaction at all costs. To retain our policy, we replace old and broken hinges with a new and genuine one as we do not keep any low-quality parts in our stock. Repairs Bay is not only fixing laptops but a wide array of devices such as mobiles and consoles of numerous companies. Do not wait any longer, get our free consultation to remove all your concerns about Lenovo laptop hinge repair. We are happy to assist you and are available 7 days a week. 

    Lenovo Laptop Hinge Repair Cost 

    The cost of tightening, fixing, and lubricating a hinge is varied. We inform you of the price after diagnoses because we examine the damage as well as the model. Rest assured, our premium services come with an affordable price. Plus, we are also providing you with a 30-day after-repair warranty.

    How much does it cost to repair Lenovo laptop hinges?

    Lenovo laptop hinge repair cost from the parent company is a bit expensive if the product isn’t covered under warranty. For a DIY kit, the price is pretty low but comes at an additional cost of damaging the whole device. For an affordable hinge repair, contact Repairs Bay.

    Is it possible to fix a broken hinge on a laptop?

    Yes, broken hinges can be fixed. Repairs Bay has over 20 years of experience in tightening, replacing, repairing, and lubricating old and broken hinges. 

    Is it possible to replace the hinge on a laptop?

    When a hinge has broken or torn down then you must go for Lenovo laptop hinge repair. Before taking any decision, we highly recommend using our free diagnosis. 

    Why do laptop hinges fail?

    A laptop’s hinge has failed to work due to overuse of the laptop or any physical accident. Nevertheless, you can reach Repairs Bay to fix faulty hinges. 

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