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    For a dead or malfunctioning Microsoft laptop, contact Repairs Bay. With our team of experts, we fix mobiles, tablets, and consoles with a 30-day warranty. Our Microsoft laptop repair is most acknowledged by customers. You may check price estimates, ask for personal consultation through the form, or visit our shop in New York. 

    Get Any Model of Microsoft Laptop Repaired

    Microsoft provides commendable features in all of its laptops. It also offers many repair tools such as factory reset, system restore, and SFC Scan. These are for system upgradation. Any physical damage requires professional services such as Repairs Bay. We deal with the following models

    • Microsoft Windows Repair
    • Microsoft gaming laptop repair
    • Microsoft Surface laptop repair 

    Surface laptops are famous for ultra-fast processors, storage capacity, and many add-on features. Our repair services also include Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop SE, and Surface Laptop Studio Series.

    Microsoft Laptop Repair Cost

    The cost of Microsoft Laptop repair depends on various models and the damage to the device. Rest assured of the price. We are pretty affordable. 

    Facilities with Repairs Bay 

    With 20 years of experience, Repairs Bay is industry-leading in all sorts of repairs and replacement services. We own a team of professional and skilled experts who handle any device with utmost care. For replacement, we use genuine parts only as we work with trusted suppliers. Even your concerns about data loss will be resolved as we take care of data providently. With this, our diagnosis and consultation are free of cost. Contact us today for Microsoft laptop repair. 

    Microsoft Laptop Repair in New York 

    Out of many, some of the remarkable services of Repairs Bay for Microsoft Laptop repair are

    MS Laptop Screen Repair

    Surface Laptops have approximately 14.4 inches of touch screens. These screens are fragile and can be broken anytime. You may reach Repairs Bay to fix laptop screens. 

    MS Laptop Motherboard Repair

    Overheating is a major issue with motherboards. It can be damaged by dust or a malfunctioning fan. For this, you need an instant fan and Motherboard repair.

    MS Laptop Battery Repair

    We provide battery repair and replacement. We also repair charging ports, charging cables, and charger cases.

    Duct Cleaning 

    Dust accumulates in the fan, keyboard, and other components of the laptop resulting in the malfunctioning of the laptop. Repairs Bay professionally cleans dust from the device.

    Software Troubleshooting and Malware Removal

    When a computer is running slow, unable to turn on, and unwanted ads pop up,  it requires software upgrade and malware removal. Speak to our representative to troubleshoot the problem. 

    How long does a typical Microsoft Surface laptop repair take?

    Usually, we take some hours for Microsoft Surface laptop repair but challenging issues take a few days.

    Will my data be lost during the repair process?

    We suggest our customers for data backup before heading towards repair. Even during repair, we take ultra care of data. 

    Do I need to make an appointment for a repair?

    You do not need an appointment for our repair services. We are open 24/7 for any repair. 

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