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    Are you having trouble in keeping the MacBook Air screen in position? Does it get wobble with a sound while opening and closing the laptop? You need immediate MacBook Air hinge repair. Do not let a loose hinge obstruct your work; bring the laptop to Smart Addcition. We offer a wide range of repairs for mobiles, laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles. Use our services today for MacBook Air hinge repair with 1 month warranty. Reach us through the site or visit our shop in New York. 

    Why Choose Smart Addiction 

    With an experience of 10 years, our engineers are dealing with any device prudently without causing further issues. We take extra caution while repairing a hinge to protect a screen from damage. Not only this, we own proficiency in completing any repair within a day or in a few hours as we priortise the needs of customers above everything else. To reach us, our customers need no appointment. Just fill a short form and our representative will consult you or visit our shop. We are open a whole week for you.

    Things to do with a Broken Hinge

    MacBook has two hinges located near the screen. These are flexible and need to be dealt with care to prevent from a damage. A continuous movement of a laptop and physical damage may loosen the hinge. The simple guide helps you to tighten the hinge by yourself

    • Remove bottom screws of the laptop
    • Remove cluth cover
    • Tighten hinge
    • Reaasmele computer 

    You need small tools like screwdriver to fix a hinge, but it is a risky job. We have received many complaints of self experiments, and then the hinge was completely broken. We highly suggest you look for a professional MacBook Air hinges repair shop. Thankfully, Smart Addiction is right here to help you. We will fix your damage hinges in no time. Contact us for further details. 

    Models we Repair

    Smart Addiction is repairing the hinges of the following MacBook Air models 

    MacBook Air,  M2

    MacBook Air, M1

    MacBook Air, Retina

    MacBook Air, 13 inches 

    MacBook Air, 11-inch 

    MacBook Air, Mid

    We take few hours to repair a hinge but a complex issue take few days.

    MacBook Air Hinge Repair Cost  

    MacBook Air hinge repair cost varies depending on the model and the damage. We could let you know the price after conducting a preliminary examination. Do not worry. Our diagnosis and consultation are free of cost.

    How long does it take to repair MacBook Air hinges?

    Usually, our engineers take a few hours or a day to tighten the hinges

    Can I repair my MacBook Air hinges myself?

    Yes, you can repair MacBook Air hinges yourself, but it’s a risky process. We suggest taking professional services.

    What should I do if my MacBook Air hinges are making a creaking noise?

    For a broken MacBook Air hinge, you need immediate repair.

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