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    If your device has unexpected shutdowns, distorted images and many other related issues which you can’t resolve by yourself, get to Repairs Bay. We are the best MacBook Air Logic Board replacement shop. What you need to do is to visit our shop which is located on Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, New York. If you are busy and want your device to be fixed soon, then get our mail-in service. We are available 7 days a week for our valued customers. 

    Logic Board MacBook Air Repair Cost 

    If you want to replace a board by yourself then you need to purchase a DIY kit. The whole process would cost up to $150 to $550. You also have a chance to take AppleCare but they will charge a heavy price. If you want a reasonable service then bring your laptop to us. We will diagnose the issue for free and provide you with price estimates. With this, you will also get a 30-day repair warranty. So, wait no longer and get our services at a reasonable rate.

    Fast And Efficient MacBook Air Logic Board Replacement Service

    The logic board or motherboard is the main part of a device. Without it, nothing could function. It is connected to nearly all the components of a device be it a screen or battery. Similarly, it has CPU, chips, hard drives and many more parts which play an essential role in the smooth functioning of a laptop. All the issues in the laptop are subsequently related to the motherboard. When a screen flickers or screen glitches, it is a problem with software or a logic board. Overheating is also a major concern of many customers. Regardless of any issue, Repairs Bay is here for MacBook Air logic board repair. Along with this, we also have proficiency in 

    • Screen Repair
    • Battery Replacement 
    • Speakers Repair 
    • Hinge Repair
    • Keyboard Repair
    • Duct Cleaning
    • And much more

    We will take a few days to fix a logic board because it is complex and single mishandling can cause serious trouble. Contact us today to know the exact time of repair. 

    Why Choosing Repairs Bay 

    Repairs Bay has been leading the industry for more than 2 decades. You haven’t found anyone in the whole industry having much experience in dealing with a wide range of products be it smartphones, consoles, tablets or laptops. We have especially focused on our Apple-related services and own dedicated team along with professional tools for iPad, and iPhone MacBook repairs. Even for MacBook Air logic board replacement, we use genuine and high-quality parts because we understand the importance of the main parts of a device. Plus, you won’t need any appointments. We highly recommend taking our free consultation before going anywhere else for MacBook Air logic board repair service.

    Can the MacBook Air motherboard be repaired?

    Repairs Bay do a MacBook Air Motherboard Repair. We own an Apple certified team and sound knowledge to fix any problem in a device. Plus you will get a change of free diagnosis and consultation.

    Is it worth replacing the MacBook Air motherboard?

    Repairs Bay has more than 2 decades of experience in MacBook motherboard replacement. We will do a diagnosis before finalizing repair or replacement depending upon the damage.

    Why does the motherboard fail in MacBook Air?

    A Motherboard can be damaged when water runs into it. When a fan stops working, it may affect the logic board.  Most of the logic boards stop working after some years of a laptop purchase. 

    Is it possible to repair a damaged motherboard?

    Yes, it is possible to repair a damaged motherboard. What you need is a reliable service like Repairs Bay who handle your device with extra care.

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