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    When a screen flickers or doesn’t turn on, you need to fix it. Repairs Bay is happy to announce its fast MacBook Air screen repair within some hours. Our well-trained technicians will handle your expansive device with ultra care and change LCD as well as display assembly depending on the need for a laptop. You can drop the device at our shop which is located on Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, New York. You may also get our mail-in service and send us a device directly through a shipping company. We will drop it at your doorstep when it is fixed.

    Our Process For MacBook Air Screen Repair

    Some common complaints we have received are about dead pixels, distorted images, cracks, and blank screens. A faulty graphic card, backlight, and ribbon cable also halt the smooth functioning of a device. When a laptop is water-damaged, then the water fills the inside area of the screen and adversely affects the background and color contrast. Usually, companies fix the issues of software glitches and backlight. They replace the LCDs because fixing small parts requires expertise which you will only get at Repairs Bay. So, wait no longer and get your MacBook Air screen repaired by experts.

    DIY Process For MacBook Air Screen Repair

    MacBook Air has an LCD of 13 to 15 inches and high resolution. When a device is stopped, the LCD damages instantly, especially the M1 model. You can follow the below procedure for MacBook Air M1 screen repair and the other models.

    • Switch off the device 
    • Unfasten bottom case 
    • Remove the battery 
    • Remove flex cable 
    • Remove fan 
    • Remove antenna cable
    • Locate a display assembly and remove it 
    • Disconnect bezel
    • Unfasten the screws of the LCD panel and the backlight 
    • Place a new LCD

    The above process looks pretty easy in reading but an actual task would be tougher and chances of more damage are relatively higher. So, do not play with your expensive device, and let Repairs Bay assist you.

    Why Choosing Us

    Repairs Bay is not a new company. We have been in the industry for more than 2 decades. 

    This experience has taught us many things among the top is recruiting a skilled workforce. We are repairing a wide range of products be it mobile phones, tablets, and laptops of Apple or any other tech giant. If you are choosing the replacement service, we will use genuine parts that are procured from the best suppliers in the market. Even the process of repair is pretty simple. You do not need to make an appointment for our free consultation. We are available 7 days a week

    MacBook Air Screen Repair Cost

    The cost to repair a Macbook Air screen is depending on its model and the damage. After diagnosis, we will check whether the device needs repair or replacement, and then we inform you of the associated cost. Do not worry, our services are quite economical with a 30-day warranty.

    How much does it cost to fix a MacBook Air screen?

    Our MacBook Air screen repair cost is varied. We will give a device-free diagnosis to check the damage and the time required for it. Then we provide you with an exact cost. For pricing of our service, rest assured. We have affordable rates for any device repair. 

    Can you repair the screen of a MacBook Air?

    Yes, Repairs Bay has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with broken screens. We fix cracked and smashed LCDs, image distortion, and flickering.

    Is it worth replacing your MacBook screen?

    Software issues such as video glitching can be fixed. Similarly, the ribbon cable and backlight can be repaired. When the LCD panel is damaged and there are no chances to make it workable then you must take a MacBook Air screen replacement. 

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