MacBook Air Water Damage Repair

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    If your Mac Air is exposed to water, it’s a severe issue which needs to be mitigated. Do not worry, Repairs Bay can handle it all. Our team, tools and knowledge can easily manage the worst issue in the Mac device. You will find our MacBook Air water damage repair service highly affordable with a warranty of 30 days. We are proposing two suitable choices for our valued customers. You can visit our shop or get our mail-in support. 

    Immediate MacBook Air Water Damage Repair

    Water has many minerals which can start electrolysis when reacts with the power. As a result, all the components of a device corrode. This corrosion spreads to metal, silicone, fibreglass, trackpad, battery and many other parts. You need to react immediately to protect a device from rusting by shutting off the device for more than 24 hours and disconnecting peripheries. After this, you must get our Apple MacBook Air liquid damage repair service. We carry out

    • Screen Repair
    • Battery Replacement
    • Speaker Replacement 
    • Fan Repair 
    • Logic Board Replacement 
    • Keyboard Replacement
    • Trackpad Repair 
    • System Maintenance, etc.

    For simple tasks such as replacing components we won’t take much time but fixing complex issues requires more time.

    Data Recovery in a Water Damage MacBook Air

    One of the major problems anyone faces after a liquid spill is data loss. Do not worry, Repairs Bay has a specialised data recovery tool which we use after thoroughly assessing the laptop. We have methods for secured data extraction and also preventive measures for any sort of data loss. We ensure complete data protection and even share certain tips to retrieve data if a similar accident happens.

    Why Repairs Bay 

    Repairs Bay is well trained to deal with any issue in the device without wasting much time a customer. Our skilled technicians can restore smartphones, desktops, tablets and consoles of Apple and other companies. We are well aware that many customers are concerned about the quality of our spare parts. To relieve their worries, we assure them of a lifetime component warranty. We only use genuine parts identical to Apple and procure them from trusted suppliers. If you face any sort of issue in between, we will fix it for free. What else are you waiting for? If you waste more time, the internal parts will be corroding more. So, Take quick action and get our free consultation for MacBook Air water damage repair. 

    MacBook Air Water Damage Repair Cost

    Our Mac Air repair depends upon the time, and labour required to fix the problem as well as the model in use. We will update you about the price after conducting a diagnosis. Rest assured, all our services are market-competitive, carrying no additional cost.

    Can a MacBook Air damaged by water be repaired?

    Yes, water-damaged MacBook Air can be repaired. Repairs Bay provides first-class MacBook Air water damage repair service. We diagnose the issue and then start the process.

    What to do if water gets on your MacBook Air?

    When a MacBook Air get liquid damage, remove all peripheries and unplug the charger. Now, soak water from the surface and do not turn on the device for at least 24 hours. After this, bring the device to Repairs Bay. We will switch it on, check the intensity of damage and repair the laptop.

    Can you recover data from a water-damaged MacBook Air?

    Yes, Repairs Bay can recover data from a water damage Mac Air. Our engineers are skilled enough to recover small files from the drive. We repair a logic board to recover data from the hard drive. 

    How can I tell if my MacBook Air is water-damaged?

    When a liquid spills on a device, even some small drops, the Mac Air gets damaged by it. The laptop does not switch on, the screen flickers or keyboard has sticky keys are some other signs of a broken Mac Air. Regardless of any issue, Repairs Bay provides fast MacBook Air water damage repair service. 

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