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    When a battery cannot hold a charge, has a reduced life and is getting swollen, contact Repairs Bay. Our competitive MacBook Pro battery replacement service in Brooklyn caters for everything you need. Before starting, we will give a device-free diagnosis. Also, our replacement parts have a lifetime guarantee. So, wait no longer and bring a device to us. You can also get our mail-in support.

    Our MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Cost 

    If you can handle a DIY kit, then the battery costs an average of $80 to $100. If you are opting for Apple-authorised services, you will pay something between $250 -and $350. If you have decided to take a third-party repair service, then Repairs Bay will charge a different price for distinct models. We will provide price estimations after conducting a free diagnosis. Also, our price covers a 30-day repair warranty and a lifetime component guarantee. 

    How To Do MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

    All the batteries in Apple devices are rechargeable and have limited time afterwards you need to replace them. Apple changes a battery for free when it cannot hold more than 80 per cent. If the battery is water-damaged or physically damaged, or you are facing unexpected shutdowns, then Apple will charge a price. Fortunately, you can also change a battery using a DIY kit. 

    • Remove lowercase screws 
    • Release the left and right clip
    • Disconnect the data cable from the battery board and logic board 
    • Disconnect trackpad 
    • Remove adhesives 
    • Remove battery 
    • Position a new one 
    • Reassemble the laptop 

    You can do a MacBook Pro battery replacement 2017 and other older models. You can’t replace them inch 16-inch and 13-inch Macs including the M1 MacBook Pro. All these batteries are glued to the lower case and need the opening of the whole laptop. It is not advisable to remove them by yourself as it may cause further damage to the device. Leave such devices in the hands of experts as Repairs Bay.

    Why Repairs Bay

    Repairs Bay has had its foot in the industry for more than 20 years. In this vast period, we have increased our skills to deal with minor to major problems in the device. Our expert engineers and certified technicians can fix the device within some hours. Even installation of a pre-Mac 2012 pro battery can be done in an hour but other models as Retina take some more time. Our process of MacBook Pro battery repair is simple. We diagnose the issue, provide you with price estimates and start the repair. We keep no hidden charges and remain transparent throughout the process. Plus, we haven’t kept any appointments, you can take our free consultation anytime.

    How much does it cost to replace a Mac Pro battery?

    For self-battery replacement, the charges are pretty low. You can get a new battery for approx $100. If you go to AppleCare without warranty then charges are quite high. We recommend using the services of Repairs Bay to fix batteries at the lowest price. 

    Can the MacBook Pro battery be replaced?

    Yes, a MacBook battery can be replaced. Repairs Bay provides fast and genuine MacBook Pro battery replacement to customers.

    Is it worth buying a new MacBook Pro battery?

    When a battery is water-damaged cannot hold a charge or is too old to repair, then you must replace it. Take our free diagnosis before making any decision.

    How do you know if your MacBook battery needs replacing?

    Go to the Apple menu, choose the Battery icon, and choose Health. If the command says battery recommender then you need to replace it. If a battery is broken or can’t hold a charge, should change it too. 

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