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    For instant and professional MacBook Pro logic replacement, Repairs Bay is an excellent shop. We are offering a well-trained team, 30-day repair, lifetime component warranty, same-day service, and many more facilities. You can visit our shop located at Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, New York, or mail the device to our address. We fix it and send it back. 

    World-Class MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement 

    The logic board is the main processing unit for a laptop, home to RAM, chips, wires, fuses, and circuits. Many issues in the device are either related to the MacBook Pro logic board failure or any other component. For instance, if a laptop is dead, it’s an issue with the motherboard or a battery. Similarly, a glitching screen can also be caused by a faulty computer board. Many reasons are responsible for its damage, mainly dust, physical accident, or liquid spillage. Regardless of any problem, Repairs Bay is a five-star solution for a faulty motherboard. Along with this, we are also proficient in 

    • Screen Repair
    • Battery replacement 
    • Fan repair
    • Speaker replacement 
    • Fan repair 
    • System Maintenance, etc. 


    We do not take much time for simple tasks but complicated problems eat a few days. Contact a representative to know the exact timing for the MacBook Pro logic board repair. 

    MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair or Replacement

    The answer depends upon the damage. If you go to Apple or any third-party service provider, they prefer the replacement of a whole board over repairing its small parts. Fixing small wires and bolts requires proficiency and skills which you may get at Repairs Bay. When we get the product, we start diagnosing the issue. Maybe replacing small circuits and fuses can help to retain the original performance of a motherboard. Nonetheless, if it is water-damaged and already corroded then we suggest the customer go for replacement. Even for this, we use high-quality and genuine parts that are identical to Apple. 

    MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement Cost 

    You can change a logic board by yourself using a DIY kit which is available for approximately $250 to $550. The second option is to go for AppleCare. They will replace the whole board, but their service is pretty expensive. The last option is to choose Repairs Bay. We charge lower rates than the market and offer premium service. We will update you about the price after conducting a free diagnosis. 

    Repairs Bay is a an Excellent Shop 

    Repairs Bay is not new, we have had our feet in the industry for more than 20 years. With our vast experience of two decades, we have learned a lot about all the technicalities needed to fix any device. This is why we do not only repair laptops but also mobiles, tablets, and consoles of all renowned tech companies. With this, Repairs Bay ensures your data safety in hard devices while changing a board. Do not wait any longer. Speak to the consultant of Repairs Bay for a MacBook Pro logic board replacement. 

    How much does it cost to repair a MacBook Pro motherboard?

    MacBook Pro logic board repair from Repairs Bay depends upon the damage and the model. Get our free diagnosis to confirm the price before a repair. Our Price is market competitive.

    Can a Mac motherboard be repaired?

    Yes, a Mac motherboard can be repaired. Repairs Bay has an experience of 20 years for dealing with logic boards. We fix broken, water-damaged, and faulty boards at affordable rates.

    Should you replace your MacBook's motherboard?

    When a motherboard is completely damaged by water then you must replace it because it will soon be corroded. If small parts are damaged then you can repair it. Repairs Bay provides MacBook Pro logic board repair on the same day. 

    Why does the MacBook Pro motherboard fail?

    Many reasons are responsible for MacBook Pro logic board failure. Overuse of devices, water spills, and physical damage are some of the reasons. Do not worry, Repairs Bay can fix it at affordable rates. 

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