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    A cracked and smashed LCD must have caused severe trouble. Yes, it is true, you can do a replacement using a DIY kit, it’s not a piece of cake. Why not getting a professional MacBook Pro screen repair service? Repairs Bay is an excellent solution for any sort of screen problem in MacBook Pro. You can send a device to us by using a mail-in service. You may also visit our shop which is located on Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, New York.

    Cracked MacBook Pro Screen Repair Cost

    MacBook Pro is an expensive device and we know a single mistake can damage the whole laptop. Our best engineers handle the laptop to protect it from any damage. Do not worry about the cost. We are pretty economical. We can provide you with free price estimations after diagnosing the issue. You will also get a 30-day warranty. 

    Steps For MacBook Pro Screen Repair 

    Mac Pro comes with distinct screen sizes of 14 and 16 inches. Though Apple has designed the monitor with ultra care, accidents are unstoppable. Even a fist pressure may damage a screen. Similarly, when water gets into the LCD, it fills inside it and affects the background. Glitching is also a common issue faced by customers due to software failure. To resolve glitching problems, run a System Management Controller reset. For a smashed LCD, there is no alternative, you will have to repalce it. Follow the below steps for MacBook Pro screen replacement 16-inch and 14-inch.

    • Turn off the device
    • Unclip bottom cover
    • Disconnect battery
    • Remove trackpad
    • Disconnect Data cable
    • Remove battery connector
    • Remove Anteena bar
    • Unscrew cable covers
    • Disconnect sensor covers
    • Remove hinges
    • Remove screen 
    • Position a new LCD 
    • Reassemble the laptop

    Though the process looks simple, it has many risks associated like the battery connector may be permanently damaged. Therefore we highly recommend you take professional care at Repairs Bay to fix an LCD panel or Display assembly. 

    Choose Quick Fix For MacBook Pro Screen Repair 

    While carrying an experience of more than 20 years, Repairs Bay has experience of handling many different devices such as smartphones, tablets and consoles. We have well-trained Apple technicians to carry out any iPhone, iPad, and Mac repair. If you are thinking of the quality of our parts, then we assure you a lifetime guarantee of all our components because we procure them from a trusted supplier. Unlike other service providers, we do not keep any appointments nor charge a price for a diagnosis. You can contact us anytime or visit our store. You may also get our free consultation by filling out a short form available on the site. What else are you waiting for? Get our premium MacBook Pro screen repair service and continue your assignments on a brand-new monitor.

    How much does it cost to fix a MacBook Pro screen?

    Our cracked MacBook Pro screen repair cost depends on the damage as well as the model. Like LCDs of the MacBook Retina are tougher to fix than many other models. After diagnosing the issue we decide whether it can be fixed or replaced. 

    Is it worth repairing the MacBook Pro screen?

    The answer relies on the damage. If you are facing a flickering image or a glitching issue it can be fixed. Minor cracks can also be treated. When a screen is completely broken or water-damaged, then you must replace it. Head to Repairs Bay for free diagnosis to know what you should do next. 

    Is it possible to repair the MacBook Pro screen?

    Yes, it is possible to fix a MacBook Pro screen. Repairs Bay has 17 years of experience in fixing and changing Mac LCDs at lower rates. 

    How long does it take to repair a MacBook screen?

    For replacement of screens, we won’t take longer. If your screen needs to be fixed then we will take a few days. Take our consultation to know the exact timing.

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