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    A water spillage leads to an unresponsive trackpad, sticky keys, flickering screens and a corroded logic board. When the mishap happens, you must have been thinking what’s next? It’s simple, follow below precautionary measures, and bring the device to Repairs Bay. we provide instant MacBook Pro water damage repair service. If you are local and living near then visit our shop. If you live far then get our mail in support. 

    Guide to MacBook Pro Water Damage Repair 

    A simple tape of water, coffee, green tea and even any juice, may severely damage the laptop. It starts corroding internal components. You need to react immediately as soon as the liquid spills on the device. Give the First Aid to the Mac Pro. Just follow these steps to take protective measures for a device

    • Power off the laptop 
    • Use a towel to absorb the water 
    • Disconnect all the devices 
    • Do not let the water run into the logic board and screen
    • Disconnect battery 
    • Open the internal for drying
    • Never use a hair dryer
    • Do not put your device in rice 

    You cannot fix the problem as MacBook Pro water damaged repair is tough to do. So, get the assistance of Repairs Bay for liquid spill device.

    Our Water Damage MacBook Pro Repair Process 

    Saltwater is the most dangerous for a device; it soon starts electrolysis. Tape water and coffee are not acidic, so we won’t take any longer to repair. With this, if the device has already been damaged and you want to recover data, we will do it for you. After 2015, Apple integrated SSD chips with logic boards. For which we need to restore the whole logic board. We are also aware that the Mac screen is not airtight and water can easily get into it. A liquid may affect the background of a screen for which we need to replace it completely. Our Water damage services include

    • Screen Replacement 
    • Battery Replacement 
    • Fan Repair 
    • Speaker Replacement 
    • Logic Board Repair
    • Data Recovery
    • System Cleaning, etc 

    When you leave the laptop, we will give it a free assessment to check the extent of damage. If you do not want repair, you may get the device back. 

    Why Repairs Bay 

    With an experience of 2 decades, Repairs Bay has become a brand name with its expertise, tools and team. Our engineers are well certified to deal with Apple products, be it iPhone, iPad or iMac. They do any kind of simple replacement or repair within a day. If the issue is complex like the water damage logic board, then we take a few more days.  For replacement, we use genuine and high-quality parts. Even you do not need an appointment to reach us. Just fill out a short form below; our representative will contact you; and clear all your questions.

    Macbook Pro water damage Repair Cost 

    Apple does not cover a liquid damage Mac Pro under its warranty so you need to pay a hefty amount between $800 – $1700. They completely replace the components rather than fixing usable parts. Other third-party providers do the same. At Repairs Bay, we prioritise fixing issues as it is cost effective. We will update you about the price after diagnosing the issue. You will also get a lifetime component warranty and 30-day repair warranty. 

    Can a MacBook with water damage be repaired?

    Repairs Bay is providing water damaged MacBook Pro repair. We fix all internal components as the logic board, screen and speakers, and even do data recovery. 

    How much does it cost to fix a water-damaged MacBook?

    Our MacBook Pro water damage repair cost is depending upon the damage and the model. The battery of the Mac Retina is tougher to fix than the other models. Plus, we offer 30 day warranty, free diagnosis and consultation.

    How much water can damage the MacBook Pro?

    Coffee, tea, juices and rainwater can damage a MacBook Pro. Even small water drops are enough to halt the functioning of your laptop. No worries, Repairs Bay fix all sorts of issues in MacBook Pro. We diagnose the issue and then start our process. 

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