Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable (5A) Black


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Revolutionize your tech experience with the Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable (5A), Black! Experience lightning-fast charging and data transfer like never before. Ideal for everyone from students to professionals, this cable is designed for speed, dependability, and efficiency.
With up to 65W power delivery on Samsung laptops and 45W Super Fast Charging 2.0 on compatible smartphones, this cable cuts down significantly on wait times. Plus, USB 2.0 data transfer speeds ensure smooth transfers without any hiccups.
Not just functional, but also stylish — the sleek black design adds a chic touch to any tech setup. Use it at home or work to charge your laptop without interruptions or quickly top-up your smartphone while on the go.
Brought to you by Repairs Bay — your trusted tech partner in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn — the Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable is priced at just $24.99. That’s unmatched value for its powerful features!
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Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable (5A) Black – Unmatched Fast Charging & Data Transfer Capabilities

Seamless Tech Experience in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

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Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable (5A), Black SAM2TYPC5A-BK 887276641553 Samsung $24.99

Intriguing Snapshot

Step up your tech game with the Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable. This versatile accessory offers an exceptional blend of fast charging and swift data transfer capabilities, all packed into a sleek black design. Perfect for any device requiring a Type-C connection, it's time to revolutionize your digital experience.

Powerful Introduction

Looking for a solution to sluggish charging and slow data transfer? Your search ends here with the Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable. Offering up to 65W power delivery on Samsung laptops¹, super rapid 45W Fast Charging 2.0 on compatible smartphones², and USB 2.0 data transfer speeds, this cable is your ticket to a lightning-fast, seamless digital experience.

Port Type
Type C – Type C
USB-C Cables

Incredible Offer

Upgrade to the Samsung Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable (5A) Black today and get ready to witness unrivaled speed and efficiency in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Whether you're powering up your Samsung laptop or smartphone or transferring files between devices, this cable ensures optimized performance across the board.

Ideal For…

This cable is an absolute must-have for Bensonhurst locals who value dependability and speed in their digital tools. Whether you're a student working on a critical assignment or a professional rushing against deadlines, this cable guarantees convenience and reliability every single time.

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-Fast Charging: With up to 65W power delivery on Samsung laptops¹ and 45W Super Fast Charging 2.0 on compatible smartphones², wait times are significantly reduced.
  • Lightning-Speed Data Transfer: The USB 2.0 data transfer speeds ensure smooth and swift transfers without any hiccups.
  • Sleek Aesthetic: The black color adds a chic touch to your tech setup, making it as stylish as it is functional.

Practical Use Cases

  • Charge your Samsung laptop at home or work without any interruptions.
  • Top-up your compatible smartphone quickly while out and about.
  • Move files effortlessly between devices without wasting valuable time.

Impactful Result

Switching to the Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable means getting ready for an elevated tech experience like never before. Say goodbye to lengthy charging cycles and slow data transfers; welcome a new era of swift and efficient technology right here in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

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Repairs Bay is a trusted name in phone repairs and computer servicing in heartwarming Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. With two decades of experience under our belt and a stellar rating of 4.9 stars, we take pride in offering top-tier service along with high-quality products to our customers.

Value-Packed Price

The Samsung Type-C To Type-C 6ft Cable comes at an amazing price of just $24.99 – truly unmatched value for its powerful charging capabilities and high-speed data transfer features.

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Experience unparalleled charging speed and data transfer today! Visit Repairs Bay in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn or online now!

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At Repairs Bay, we're more than just repair experts – we're your all-in-one tech partner in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. From repairs to quality accessories like this fast-charging cable – we've got you covered! Trust us with all your tech needs!

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