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    Tablet charging port repair is a simple and quick procedure, but only if it is performed by professional engineers. Come to Repairs Bay, we will fix your gadget!

    Affordable Tablet Charging Port Repair for all brands and models

    We are fully focused on customer needs and make our cooperation mutually beneficial.

    • You can visit us any day
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    • You can repair any brand of gadget with us

    Our engineers work quickly and efficiently, so tablet charging port repair does not take much time.

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    You Can Trust Us Tablet Charging Port Repair

    Repairs Bay guarantees its customers a reliable tablet charging port repair service.

    • Our engineers have 10+ experience
    • We have a stock of original charging ports
    • We do microsoldering

    We inform our customers in advance of the cost of the service and the timing of the work. We are always ready to answer any of your questions. Contact us!

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    Can a charging port be repaired?

    If your device does not charge from the mains and does not connect to a computer, this may mean that it needs to replace the charger port. These malfunctions occur as a result of mechanical damage to the housing, liquid getting inside the device, or simply careless handling.

    Beginners should not repair the port, since it is not inserted into the case, but soldered. So, micro soldering will be necessary during tablet charging port repair. Trust such delicate work only to professional engineers.

    How much does it cost to fix an Android tablet charging port?

    The repair cost depends on the gadget model, as well as on the presence of other breakdowns. You can find out the exact price after the diagnostics, which our engineers perform for free.

    How can I charge my tablet with a broken charging port?

    Any gadget that has damage to the charger port should not be connected to the mains. Otherwise, a short circuit may occur, resulting in even more damage. In some cases, restoring the device will be impossible.

    Therefore, if you see cable damage, port contamination, rust, deformation or other signs of breakage, contact the service center. Strong heating of the power supply and battery during charging can also signal a problem.

    repair estimate

    Service Name Estimated Price (from) Warranty Time
    Samsung Tab Tablet Charging Port Repair $90.00 30 days 30 min
    LG Tab Tablet Charging Port Repair $90.00 30 days 30 min
    Microsoft Surface Tab Tablet Charging Port Repair $90.00 30 days 30 min
    Amazon Fire HD Tablet Charging Port Repair $90.00 30 days 30 min
    Lenovo Tablet Tablet Charging Port Repair $90.00 30 days 30 min