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    A cracked tablet screen is just one of the possible problems. Tablet screen repair service may be needed if:

    • The gadget does not respond to touch
    • The gadget responds very slowly
    • There are spots, stripes, and dead pixels on the screen

    In any of these situations, you can contact Repairs Bay. Our engineers will diagnose the device and quickly fix the problem.

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    Entrust Us Tablet Screen Repair

    Repairs Bay is always fast and high-quality work. Turning to us for help, you will receive:

    • service immediately
    • free consultation and diagnostics
    • tablet repair within 1-2 hours;
    • month warranty for all services

    We perform tablet screen repair for Apple, Samsung and other brands of tablets. We have the best prices for services in Brooklyn!

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    Is it worth replacing the tablet screen?

    The screen is one of the most important, largest and at the same time most fragile parts of a tablet. A broken or cracked tablet screen can render the entire gadget unusable. Therefore, you should be attentive to this kind of damage.

    What to do in such a situation? You can repair the tablet or buy a new device. Repairs usually cost a lot less, but you’d be better off contacting Repairs Bay to be sure. It is possible that a cracked screen will not be the only failure, and other components will need to be replaced to restore the gadget. In this case, the tablet repair service will cost more. Our engineers will carry out diagnostics for free and tell you the cause of the breakdown and the exact cost of broken screen repair. After that, you can make your final decision.

    Can a broken tablet screen be fixed?

    Much depends on the type of fault.

    Here are some types of breakdowns and how to fix them:

    1) Cracked tablet screen. We will replace the display module with a new one.

    2) There is an image on the screen, but it does not move. In this case, the touchscreen cable needs to be replaced.

    3) The image is completely missing. The touchscreen or matrix needs to be replaced. Most often, this happens when falling or hitting the device. If you are sure that the gadget was not subjected to mechanical damage, then the sensor electronics failed.

    If you know the details of the breakdown, report them to the engineer immediately. This will speed up the diagnostic process and help you solve your problem more rationally.

    Can the glass screen on a tablet be replaced?

    To perform screen replacement, you first need to know the exact model of the tablet. After all, some not-very-common manufacturers differ only in screen markings. The screen marking is indicated on the tablet screen sticker. In case of more serious breakdowns, it becomes necessary to replace the tablet screen along with the touch glass, this increases the cost of repair work, but this problem can also be fixed.

    Can a broken Samsung tablet screen be fixed?

    The Repairs Bay service center repairs all types of tablets, regardless of their size, brand or type of breakdown. Our engineers have extensive experience in repairing Samsung tablets. Since this is a popular brand, we always have a stock of spare parts needed to repair gadgets of this brand. This speeds up the entire repair process.

    repair estimate

    Service Name Estimated Price (from) Warranty Time
    Screen Replacement $120.00 30 days up to 1 h
    Screen Repair $100.00 30 days up to 1 h