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    Want quality and affordable cell phone repair in Brooklyn? We are the service for you. Learn the details of the phones we handle and our prices.

    We repair more than just broken screens and dead batteries.

    Our experienced technicians can fix a wide range of smartphone issues, including:

    Screen Repair: We can replace a cracked or broken screen, no matter how bad the damage is.
    Battery replacement: we will easily install new batteries that will extend the life of your phone.
    Charging Port Repair: Fix and solder charging ports that are loose, damaged, or not working at all.
    Repair of cellular and Wi-Fi antennas, repair of the camera, connectors: – this is an incomplete list of what your phone may need.

    We Are Reliable Cell Phone Repair Service

    First, our crew of repair engineers is composed of various device brand specialists who are able to repair both the latest iPhone and the old Samsung.

    Secondly, we have cooperated with reliable suppliers, so we can assure you that our replacement will serve you for a long time. After all, we use only brand-approved and high-quality parts.

    Lastly, all your needs will be fully satisfied through our remarkable client-prioritized service. You can visit our store or send the phone to us by mail. Either option gets the same priority.

    Need Cell Phone Repair in Brooklyn?

    Phones have formed inseparable parts of our lives, from providing means of communication to being a source of entertainment. In case you’ve got issues touching performance with your device, you can remedy it by either updating its program, resetting it or following various self-help hacks. However, for complex flaws expert action is necessary.

    We understand that you may be concerned that your phones may be further damaged or even lost during a workshop repair. You may also be worried that repairs will be too expensive or that you will have to wait too long to get your phone back.

    If we talk about us, we are a team of highly qualified specialists who are able to fix any defects that you have. In addition, we are equipped with the latest repair tools to accurately diagnose any problem and completely fix them all without the risk of damaging it.

    To ensure you have a fast and professional repair, regardless of the brand of your gadget, we carry a huge stock of a variety of brand-approved and superior quality parts. So you won’t have to wait long. And get the price before we get started.

    We are located in Brooklyn. If you live in the Bay Parkway area we are within walking distance. Welcome!

    Cell Phone Repair Cost

    We’ll provide your outstanding remedying that’s priced at pocket-friendly rates.

    WE DO
    What is the most common phone repair?

    The screen, the charging port and water damage are the most common rectifications.

    What phone is the easiest to repair?

    The Fairphone series is currently the easiest to fix with almost all of its components easily removable.

    Is phone repairs easy?

    Well, this will depend on the device design and the fault being corrected as some may require more work while others may not.

    How often should smartphones be replaced?

    Most are designed to perform excellently within the first three years. Hence it should be replaced after this period.

    Cell Phones Repair Price (from) Warranty Time
    Samsung $120+ 30 days Same day service
    Motorola $120+ 30 days Same day service
    LG $120+ 30 days Same day service
    HTC $120+ 30 days Same day service
    Sony $120+ 30 days Same day service
    Google Pixel Phone $120+ 30 days Same day service