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    MacBook draining too fast? Change the battery so that it can work longer in standalone mode. Repairs Bay will update your gadget in just a couple of hours!

    While the Apple MacBook is the epitome of a powerful and long-lasting laptop, you need to understand that its battery is prone to deterioration over time. And if you neglect to have it diagnosed on time, you may eventually experience some irrecoverable internal damage due to the battery overheating.

    Streamlined and Seamless MacBook Battery Replacement Service

    So, what are some reasons why you may need to have your battery diagnosed or replaced? Well, there are several, including:

    • The battery is swollen.
    • The laptop quickly runs out of juice.
    • The battery replacement alerts keep popping up.

    No matter what the underlying issue is, the bottom line is the fact that you need to have the battery checked or, possibly, replaced. Contact Repairs Bay for further advice. Never, under any circumstance, attempt to change the MacBook battery yourself. 

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    Why Is Repair Bay a Trusted Option?

    We focus on providing one-stop MacBook battery repair and replacement services, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

    We understand just how complex diagnosing the problem can be, which is why we have a robust team of laptop technicians and state-of-the-art resources at our disposal. But what sets us apart from a variety of other service centers is that we perform a slew of other technical repair activities.

    In addition, Repair Bay has a stockpile of all the right, necessary, and vital components and parts required to fix MacBook battery issues. For instance:

    • We store quality spare parts from trusted suppliers.
    • All our technicians and service professionals have industry experience.
    • We work with cutting-edge equipment.

    Our office is located in Brooklyn, but you can also mail us your gadgets.

    Quality of Spare Parts

    We have access to MacBook battery spare parts, which is one of the reasons why we’re able to offer same-day replacement and/or repair services.

    How Quickly Can It Be Done?

    Our specialists can replace the battery within 30 minutes. In case there is no heavy load and a new battery from your model is available in stock. In any case, we are interested in getting our work done as quickly as possible.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    The cost of replacing or repairing the battery will primarily depend on the model of the MacBook. 

    You can get a free estimate if you let us know your device model. To do this, fill out the form on our website.


    Is it worth replacing the Mac battery?

    MacBook battery replacement will extend the life of your laptop. Also, replacing one part is much cheaper than buying a new gadget. Therefore, if your laptop is in good condition, you should contact the service center and change the battery.
    However, pay close attention to what kind of battery the repairmen will put on your laptop instead of the old one. It must be a new original from Apple. Most non-original batteries are not of the same high quality as original MacBook batteries and may have a lower charge capacity, may be rated for fewer recharge cycles, may cause power surges, and permanently damage your MacBook.

    What is the average lifespan of a MacBook battery?

    The batteries installed in your MacBook can withstand intensive and long-term work. Their resource is designed for several hundred charge cycles. Nevertheless, they have a certain period of use and must be replaced after their expiration.
    When the battery has expired (sometimes this figure reaches 1000-1500 charge cycles), the user will find out about this in a service message from Apple. Perhaps users themselves will notice that the battery is not enough and the laptop will start to discharge faster. This means it’s time to contact the service center and replace the MacBook battery.

    Can you replace a Mac battery by yourself?

    Older MacBook models had easily removable batteries, but now MacBook battery replacement is a complicated process. At this point, the motherboard is open and may be damaged or destroyed due to carelessness or static electricity. Therefore, you should not do it yourself. You may be hoping to save money, but in fact, this initiative can lead to additional damage.
    It is better to contact a professional Repairs Bay service center. Here you will receive a free consultation and diagnostics of your laptop.

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    Service Name Estimated Price Warranty Time
    Battery Replacement from $75 30 days 30 m