MacBook water damage repair

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If liquid gets into your MacBook, do not think that everything will dry out and the problem will be solved by itself. Take your laptop to Repairs Bay immediately so our engineers can save it!



    Professional MacBook water damage repair service

    Regardless of the type of liquid spilt on the laptop, you must take the following steps:

    • Turn off your MacBook.
    • Remove all connected devices.
    • Try to dry visible moisture with napkins or a towel.

    Then take the gadget to a service center as soon as possible. If even a little moisture remains in the laptop case, it will lead to corrosion. Time is of the essence, so hurry up! Only professional repairmen will help you!

    We’ll clean it right

    The Repairs Bay service center is the best option if you need a MacBook water damage repair.

    • We work every day and provide urgent assistance.
    • We have extensive experience in repairing Apple gadgets.
    • We provide a warranty.

    Our repairmen perform the toughest micro-soldering tasks often required in these cases. When water-damaged components fail, they need to be completely replaced. We do it professionally!

    Can a MacBook with water damage be repaired?

    A water-damaged MacBook can be repaired in most cases. The extent of damage depends on several factors:
    -how much liquid got on the motherboard;
    -how quickly did you turn off the laptop;
    -how quickly you came to the service center.
    If you turn off your MacBook immediately after the incident and do not turn it back on, you will save the gadget from more severe damage. Even if it seems to you that the laptop is already dry, do not check it until you receive recommendations from the service center.
    Liquid spill repair includes complete disassembly of the MacBook, cleaning, repairing or replacing the keyboard, screen, hard drive, battery, speakers, motherboard, and any other affected components.
    When work is done, Repairs Bay`s engineers will test and return your laptop to you in working condition.

    How much does Apple charge for water damage?

    First, let’s clarify that the MacBook’s one-year warranty does not cover water or liquid damage. This means that in any case, you will have to pay out of pocket for the restoration of the laptop.
    Secondly, the cost of repairs at Apple can be very different. The price depends on the degree of damage and the model of the MacBook and can reach a very high level. Also, you will most likely have to pay separately for diagnostics.
    You can save money by contacting the Repairs Bay Service Center for assistance. We carry out diagnostics for free, immediately report the entire cost of repairs and restore laptops as soon as possible.

    Does putting MacBook in rice work?

    In short, don’t do it!
    Now let’s discuss this in more detail. So, there is an opinion that if you put a gadget with water damage in rice, it will save the situation, since the rice will absorb moisture.
    Without a doubt, rice can absorb a large amount of liquid. But try to imagine the whole process. Let’s say you put a damaged laptop in fig. If even a little moisture gets on the grains, they will begin to swell and become sticky. They can get into the USB port and charging port and get stuck there. Or they can stick to the keys. What if the soft grain breaks and the particles get inside the case? None of these options sounds good.
    Plus, while you’re hoping rice will save your laptop, the moisture inside the case continues to be destructive. Delays and waiting are very dangerous here.
    Therefore, do not rely on the magical effect of rice, but immediately contact the service center for help.

    Service Name Estimated Price Warranty Time
    Water Damage Cleaning $175 no warranty, if no fix – no charge 1 hr