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    Are you seeking a reliable MacBook Pro repair in Brooklyn? If Yes, Repairs Bay is right at your service. We own an Apple-certified team of engineers to resolve hardware and software issues of a Mac laptop within a day. You may walk into our shop anytime or mail the device to us. 

    Finest MacBook Pro Repair in Brooklyn 

    MacBook was introduced in 2006, and now it has many models coming with better features, high processing capabilities, and vast storage. It is still a machine and can be worn out or broken in an accident. For a physical or water damage MacBook Pro repair, Repairs Bay is available 24/7 to fix any part of a device. Some of our services are

    • Macbook Pro Keyboard Repair
    • Macbook Pro Speaker Repair
    • MacBook Pro Fan Repair
    • MacBook Pro System Cleaning and Upgradation 
    • MacBook Pro Screen Repair
    • And much more 

    Our engineers take some hours for replacement tasks like we replace speakers within an hour. Those repairs which are complicated, require more time and may take a few days. 

    What We Do At Our MacBook Pro Repair Shop 

    Whenever a device is broken you have three options. Repair a device by yourself, contact Apple support or use third party service. The first option is risky while the second is costly. We highly recommend using Repairs Bay for immediate and guaranteed device restoration.

    MacBook Pro Screen Repair

    Mac Pro lines have 13-inch, 14-inch and 16 inches screens. The monitors can be cracked with any physical or water mishap leaving you in the lurch for what is next. The answer is simple. For MacBook Pro Screen replacement or repair, bring the device to Quick Fix. We restore no display Issues and change LCDs and display assembly. 

    MacBook Pro Battery Repair 

    Apple usually uses built-in batteries, but some models have removable batteries too. When a device shows poor battery performance or is unable to charge, you need battery replacement.

    MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair

    Many problems in the device are related to the broken or dead logic board, especially the overheating issues. At our shop, we replace chips, wires, circuits and even the whole motherboard. 

    MacBook Pro Repair Cost

    Our cost for Mac Pro repair varies according to the damage and the model in use. Get our free diagnosis so we update you about the actual price. Plus, you will get a 30-day warranty after any service from Repairs Bay.

    Why Repairs Bay

    We are the most advanced and acknowledged tech repair company in the whole town. We restore any device problem with great care so no further damage could occur. For data safety, we can only say that your device is in safe hands. With us, nothing is lost. Our engineers also enhance the performance of your laptop by upgrading software and cleaning the device. In case of replacement, we only use genuine and identical parts as Apple. What else are you looking for? Log in for our free consultation and get started with MacBook Pro repair. 

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    How much does it cost to fix a MacBook Pro?

    If you go to AppleCare, they prefer replacement over repair and charge a heavy price for any component. At Repairs Bay, we fix nearly all parts with professionalism at a minimal rate. We can disclose the price only after diagnosing the issue. 

    Can I get my MacBook Pro repaired?

    Yes, you can get a MacBook Pro repair from us. Repairs Bay is a famous shop for any kind of device repair. We fix screens, logic boards, fans, keypads and many other par

    Is it worth repairing your old Mac Pro?

    The answer is depending upon the price going to be incurred for fixing the device. If the price of any repair is too high and the chances of future damage exists, then you shouldn’t go for repairing a device. Instead, buy a new Mac Pro. We suggest taking our diagnosis before making any decision.

    Why is the MacBook difficult to repair?

    MacBook Pro repair is not difficult if you have taken good service. Repairs Bay has more than 20 years of experience in fixing Mac models at a lower time with proficiency. 

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