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Accidentally spilled water on your iPhone? Take it to the repair shop immediately! We will repair your gadget and eliminate all the negative consequences of moisture getting inside the case.


    Qualified iPhone water damage repair services

    If you are not sure about the water resistance of your smartphone, take a few important steps.

    • Remove your iPhone from the water and turn it off immediately to prevent a short circuit.
    • Try to dry the gadget with a towel to eliminate the risk of moisture getting inside the case again.

    And now urgently bring the gadget to the repair shop for diagnosis and possible repair!

    Trust Us  iPhone water damage repair 

    If your gadget has been damaged, seek help from repair engineers who know how to perform iPhone water damage repair.

    • Repairs Bay has experience repairing all iPhone models.
    • We are ready to provide urgent assistance and diagnostics. 
    • We have a stock of all components that may be needed during work.

    Even a small amount of condensate can be dangerous for the gadget. So do not hesitate and come to us for help!

    Can water permanently damage an iPhone?

    A smartphone is an electrical appliance, and most liquids are good conductors. Therefore, the ingress of liquid into the iPhone can lead to a short circuit with all serious consequences. Fortunately, Apple gadgets are quite well protected from liquids and dust. iPhone models with the XS index can withstand staying for half an hour at a depth of up to two meters. Other models can survive diving to a meter depth for the same 30 minutes. But sometimes iPhone water damage repair needs.
    However, we do not recommend abusing this. Remember that over time, the case wears out, the degree of protection decreases, and the old iPhone will no longer be able to transfer the same loads as the new one. In addition, if you disassembled the phone yourself, its case, most likely, has completely lost its tightness.

    Can an iPhone dry out on its own?

    The extent of damage to a smartphone after it has fallen into water depends on many factors. For example, the iPhone model, its tightness, the amount of liquid that got inside, and whether there were other types of physical damage during the incident.
    If you have a new iPhone model with a high level of water resistance, you can take a chance and leave the phone to dry on its own. But the longer the water stays inside the case, the more likely it is to rust. Water can remain in hard-to-reach places and destroy the gadget from the inside. Your smartphone may turn on, but it will work unstably, and in the future, it will break down completely. Are you ready to take that risk?

    Can a water-damaged iPhone be repaired?

    A lot depends on the extent of the damage. But in any case, repairing a smartphone at home is almost impossible. For example, to remove all the moisture inside the phone, you need to open the case. Firstly, to disassemble the latest iPhone models, you need to use special equipment. Secondly, if you have no experience, you are more likely to break the gadget than fix it. After opening the case, it is necessary to use special chemical compounds to protect against moisture, with which all joints on the body parts must be treated. For each iPhone model, different chemical compositions are used, which are expensive and difficult to buy. Therefore, do not take risks, but immediately take your smartphone to a repair shop.

    Can I dry my phone with a hair dryer?

    Water-damaged iPhone repair is not a task where any solutions are suitable. For example:
    1. You can not dry the iPhone with a hairdryer. You will only make the situation worse. The increased temperature inside the phone will accelerate the evaporation of water, but this does not mean that moisture will come out of the phone case. On the contrary, steam can spread deep into the housing.
    2. Do not dry the device on the battery. You can not overheat the iPhone even in such emergency cases – this will adversely affect the battery. Also, high temperatures will increase the rate of oxidation of the components.
    3. Do not turn on the gadget. If even a drop of water remains inside, a short circuit may occur.
    So, there is only one option – to deliver the iPhone to the repairmen as soon as possible. Keep in mind that damage to the iPhone due to any contact with liquid is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, immediately contact the repair shop, which has extensive experience in dealing with such breakdowns.

    Service Name Estimated Price (from) Warranty Time
    iPhone X $200 up to 1 h
    iPhone XS $200 up to 1 h
    iPhone XR $200 up to 1 h
    iPhone XS Max $200 up to 1 h
    iPhone 11 $250 up to 1 h
    iPhone 11 Pro $250 up to 1 h
    iPhone 11 Pro Max $250 up to 1 h
    iPhone 12 Mini $250 up to 1 h
    iPhone 12 $275 up to 1 h
    iPhone 12 Pro $275 up to 1 h
    iPhone 12 Pro Max $275 up to 1 h
    iPhone 13
    iPhone 13 Pro
    iPhone 13 Pro Max