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    A broken iPhone screen is one of those problems that Repairs Bay solves quickly and efficiently. Save your money! Hand over your Apple`s gadget for repair, and do not buy a new one!

    Qualified iPhone Screen Repair Services

    A cracked screen is one of the most common smartphone breakdowns. In this situation, you should not buy a new one for several reasons.

    • Apple belongs to the segment of expensive brands, and you’ll have to pay a lot for a new gadget.
    • Our repair engineers can perform iPhone screen replacements quickly, and you`ll use your smartphone as before.

    Also, our engineers will conduct additional diagnostics to rule out other problems.

    Repairs Bay is the most trusted partner for your iPhone screen repair. To get our services you have to walk to our place. 

    We are located in Brooklyn, New York. If you cannot do this, you can mail your iPhone. We will send it back once the screen is fixed.

    Is your iPhone screen broken? Get it fixed at Repairs Bay today!

    Repairs Bay is here to help.

    • We offer fast and inexpensive screen repairs for all iPhone models.
    • Our technicians are experts in iPhone repair.
      We use only quality parts and tools to ensure your iPhone is repaired correctly.
    • We also provide a 30-day guarantee on all screen repairs. So you can be sure that your iPhone screen will be in good working order for a long time.

    How Quickly We Repair 

    We offer same-day iPhone screen repair. Just schedule an appointment and bring your iPhone.
    We can replace your iPhone screen in under 2 hours about 2 hours, subject to the availability of a screen for the desired model in stock.
    However, some repairs may take longer, depending on the severity of the damage, especially if the phone was crushed or deformed when dropped.

    How Much Does an iPhone Screen Repair Cost?

    The cost of repairing a screen depends on the damage that has occurred. F.e. we may also need to change the screen glass if required.

    So, we could only disclose the price after diagnosing the mobile, but our estimations are free of cost.  We are sure you will not get such a suitable service at competitive rates from any other shop than Repairs Bay. 

    Why Repairs Bay

    Repairs Bay is an iPhone repair. Our Apple-trained technicians can fix iPhones with screen damage, camera problems, audio issues, and other general repairs.

    We also offer Wi-Fi troubleshooting, software diagnosis, operating system upgrades, and vibe motor replacement.

    Bring in your cracked iPhone screen and we’ll make it as good as new with iPhone glass repair service.

    Is a shattered iPhone screen fixable?

    The iPhone screen is connected to the glass, so it is not possible to change these parts separately. If the screen on any iPhone model is cracked, the entire display module must be replaced. Therefore, iPhone repair is possible only in a repair shop. Do not try to repair yourself!

    Is replacing the iPhone screen worth it?

    Yes, definitely. If your iPhone glass is cracked, it needs to be replaced for several reasons. First, it will be inconvenient for you to use it. You will not be able to fully see the image, some functions of the smartphone will become inaccessible, and broken glass can cut your finger. Secondly, even one small crack can lead to serious technical problems. For example, moisture can get in there and then internal components will suffer. In addition, the crack will grow larger, pieces of glass will fall out of it, and so on. The sensor will suffer first. After a while, it will completely or partially stop responding to pressing. Other details may also be affected.

    What is iPhone screen glass?

    The front of the iPhone consists of glass, a touchscreen and a display. They are glued together with a special optical adhesive, and users have the feeling that they are not touching the glass but the screen. But this technology has one drawback. The fact that the glass with the screen is glued makes it very difficult to replace the glass without a screen. This means if only the glass is broken, you will have to change the glass with the screen and the touchscreen. This is one of the reasons why only specialists should do this kind of work.

    Is iPhone glass unbreakable?

    The iPhone screen is not easy to damage. In the manufacture of glass, the company uses special additives that make it stronger than competitors. And yet, when dropped on a hard surface, the screen can break and become covered with a network of cracks. This can significantly affect the further operation of the smartphone, so the owner of the gadget should immediately contact the repair shop.

    Service Name Estimated Price Warranty Time
    iPhone X $90 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone XS $90 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone XR $120 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone XS Max $120 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 11 $125 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 11 Pro $125 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 11 Pro Max $195 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 12 Mini $195 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 12 $225 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 12 Pro $225 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 12 Pro Max $275 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 13 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 13 Pro 30 days up to 1 h
    iPhone 13 Pro Max 30 days up to 1 h