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    Bring your Toshiba laptop to us if it is overheating, not displaying, or not charging. Repairs Bay handles any issue professionally. Just fill in small details on the form and our representative will contact you. You may also visit the shop located in Brooklyn, New York to repair your Toshiba laptop. We are open 7 days a week. 

    Quick Toshiba Laptop Repair Service

    Toshiba laptops are famous for powerful operating systems and high performance. These laptops are prone to minor or major problems like touchpad unresponsiveness or slow speed. The good news is, that Toshiba uses Modular designs means all its parts are detachable and reparable. With its knowledge and expertise, Repairs Bay handles everything from easy to the toughest issues. We deal with almost every model of Toshiba laptop. Some are

    • C40 Series
    • C50 Series
    • A40 Series
    • A50 Series
    • X3Ol Series
    • X3OW Series
    • X40L Series
    • E10 Series

    We also deal with Toshiba Chromebooks. Contact us today for a free consultation.

    Why Choosing Us

    Repairs Bay owns a full-fledged service to repair Toshiba laptops. We resolve problems with physical damage and water-damaged laptops and fix software issues if needed. Our skilled engineers do system backups before starting any repair to protect data from any loss. We own a customer-oriented approach with same-day delivery of laptops and a 1-month warranty after any repair. Reach us today for Toshiba laptop repair. 

    Repair Toshiba Laptop from Repairs Bay 

    Repairs Bay has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with many software and hardware issues of Toshiba laptops. Out of many, some are

    Toshiba Laptop Battery Replacement

    If the battery is losing the charge too fast or unable to charge anymore you need to replace the battery. 

    Hard Drive Repair 

    If you are hearing sounds from the laptop, it means the hard drive needs repair. We provide hard drive repair services.

    Toshiba Laptop Screen Repair 

    If the laptop has a faint display, vertical and horizontal lines, or low contrast, your screen is damaged and needs a repair service. 

    Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Repair 

    Dust may accumulate in keypads and halt its function. For an unresponsive key, choose the services of Repairs Bay. 

    Toshiba Laptop Overheating issues

    Repairs Bay fixes the motherboard and fan at minimal rates. We also rectify transistors, connectors, and resistors.

    Software Upgradation 

    We fix Windows errors, remove malware, and update drivers and operating systems. 

    Toshiba Laptop Repair Cost

    Repairs Bay provides commendable services at a lower cost. We also do complimentary diagnosis and consultation for our valued customers

    What types of Toshiba laptop repairs do you handle?

    We repair all Series of Toshiba laptops such as C40, C50, A40, A50, X3Ol, X3OW, X40L, E10, and Chromebook. 

    How long does a typical Toshiba laptop repair take?

    We usually take some hours for system upgradation and component replacement but fixing complicated issues takes a few days. 

    Can I get an estimate for my Toshiba laptop repair online?

    Yes, you can get estimates for Toshiba laptops online. You may also contact our representative for free price estimation.

    Can you help with data recovery on my Toshiba laptop?

    Yes, we provide data recovery and data backup services to our customers. 

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